Seat Belt Use During Pregnancy

Just as diet, rest, and exercise take on an extra importance during pregnancy, so does the use of seat belts. Your unborn baby is depending on you to keep him/her safe from harm.

The most common cause of fetal injury or death in an automobile accident is the injury or death of the mother. So, every time you get into an automobile, as either the driver or a passenger, use the car's three-point restraint system. The lap belt should be placed below your abdomen, and the shoulder belt should be placed above your abdomen, between your breasts. Adjust both belts to fit snugly but comfortably.

If a shoulder belt is not available, be sure to wear the lap belt below your abdomen across your hips.

Be Aware:

  • Each day, approximately 6,000 people are injured in an automobile accident
  • Each week, approximately 900 people are killed in an automobile accident
  • One out of 40 babies born will die in a car accident
  • Most automobile accidents occur close to home within a 25-mile radius and at speeds less than 40 mph

You can help protect your baby by wearing a seat belt anytime you are traveling.

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