by Anai Rhoads

What are spermicides?

Spermicide comes in many forms. Currently on the market, we have a variety to choose from. There are foams, suppositories, films, creams and gels available without a prescription. Spermicides have a success rate of 85% if used properly. It is suggested that you use a condom in addition to the spermicide or Pill.

Spermicides work by providing a film or "barrier" inside. Once the sperm come in contact with the spermicide, the sperm become inactive then die.

Make sure to read the instructions on the box carefully before using.

What are the disadvantages of spermicide?

There are some disadvantages to using a spermicide. The following is a list of things to keep in mind when deciding to use a spermicide:

  • It is not 100% protection.
  • After intercourse, you need to wait at least 7 hours before attempting to douche.
  • Depending on brand, you may only have one or two hours to have sex, and some need you insert 10-15 minutes before sex.
  • You or your partner may allergic to the spermicide.

What are the side effects of spermicide?

Some side effects may occur. If you have any vaginal itching, discharge, soreness or a rash develops, please call your doctor right away.

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