Stress Busters for Mother's Day

by Courtney Sullivan

Stress-Free Mother's DayJust in time for Mother's Day, a study released at the annual Experimental Biology meeting showed that coping with mental pressures and anxiety might be more taxing on women's heart. This study suggests women especially need to monitor their stress to avoid heart problems.

If you're like most moms, you're probably rolling your eyes. It often seems that stress and motherhood go hand-in-hand. According to the American Psychological Association survey, "Stress in America™ Our Health at Risk," it's not just motherhood. Women are more likely than the general public to cite family health concerns and family responsibilities as sources of stress.

Mother's Day can be a heart-warming celebration, beginning with a breakfast clumsily prepared by tiny hands with a little help from day. Sweet handmade gifts from each child, a thoughtful gift from your partner and a relaxing day with the family, with you as queen of the day might portray the celebration in your home.

For other women, Mother's Day is heart-breaking. Your mom might have passed on and you especially miss her on Mother's Day. You have a shaky or non-existent relationship with your own mom. Then, your mom might not have been at all mothering.

This holiday could also remind you of a pregnancy or infant loss. If you've been unsuccessfully trying for a baby, you might be stressed out about questions during the family get together.

Some busy moms simply can't fit everything into a single day. After cleaning up the breakfast mess and the children, rushing to get gifts and kids ready for a visit to grandma's, you find that you've hit your wall. On this, your day of appreciation, you're rushing around, stressed and feeling anything but special.

Mother's Day Stress Busters

It doesn't have to be that way. With our Mother's Day stress busters, your day can be a less stressful and more special.

Set up some "me time." Have dad take the kids out for a couple hours after breakfast and gifts. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Make a wish-list. Most people, including partners aren't mind readers. Remember what's on the back of your shelves or the bottom of drawers? Give them a hint what would make you happy this year. Of course, any awesome gift not on the list would be appreciated as well!

Set the family up for success. Do you love a certain scone for breakfast? Make a batch and pop them in the freezer. Leave a tray and card-making supplies on the table. Make your husband a to-do list including kids' routines, household chores for the day, other must-do's and all scheduled events.

Postpone your own holiday. Celebrate your Mother's Day a different day if you have too many commitments between your mom, your mother-in-law and other family members. We often schedule birthday parties for convenient days. Why not move your mom's day? The kids won't mind; they love any excuse to celebrate!

Prepare emotionally. If fertility challenges have you dreading a family gathering, develop strategies to help you get through difficult situations. You might have pre-planned answers to questions and a secret word that means you need to go home. Some activities you might choose to avoid.

Give yourself a gift. You've been a terrific mom. Buy yourself something special. Go ahead and splurge. You deserve it!

Remember you're special. Women often get so busy thinking about others and taking care of their wants and needs that we don't take the time to appreciate ourselves. We're here to remind you. Moms are special!

Happy Mother's Day! May your day be uneventful and relaxing!