Super Bowl Party Appetizer Countdown

by Dana B. Bryant

Super Bowl Appetizer CountdownThe Super Bowl comes down to one game, one play, one moment. What are you going to serve your friends and family who are coming over in a few days?

We have you covered!

You don't want to miss a single moment of the game. You certainly don't want to be the one stuck in the kitchen preparing all the required munchies.

We're also pretty sure that if your family houses big football fans that there won't be much sitting down to dinner as a family Super Bowl Sunday!

We've arranged a "touchdown" worthy buffet to please every guest. Even more handy? A countdown to get you out of the kitchen and into the TV room to watch the big game.

Sure to Score Menu

Consider committing to serving healthy appetizers for your Super Bowl party this year. That doesn't mean you're limited to carrot sticks and apple slices. Check out these tongue-tickling favorites.

Chips and Stuff

No-Guilt Seven Layer Dip
Hummus and Pita Bread Cups
Yummy Party Dips
Baked Spicy Kale Chips

Half-Time Fare

Half-Time Mini Pizzas
Cheese Crusted Zucchini Strips with Hearty Marinara Sauce

End of Game Dessert Time

Fruity Kebabs

Anytime Appetizers

Cheesy Sausage Balls
Polenta Bites
Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Your Countdown to Game Day Guide

To ensure you don't miss a single moment of the game, make your dips and prep other dishes the night before.

Spread the previous vittles out. Serve a "course" each quarter.

Get your guests into the action. Have a mini-pizza bar with toppings like pizza sauce, shredded cheese, olives, mushrooms, mini pepperoni and peppers.

Tips for Friday night or Saturday morning
• Make a list, check it twice and then purchase items you'll need for your menu choices.
• Include themed or team-colored decorations for the party area.

"Make Ahead of Time" on Saturday
• Make your choices of dips. Place each in a serving bowl, cover and refrigerate until you need it. My list contains dipping sauce for wings/tenders, dipping sauce for cheesy sausage balls, spinach dip, dill dip, hummus and seven-layer dip for chips and veggies.

• Assemble sausage balls. You can either mix the ingredients and store in the refrigerator or mix, shape into balls and refrigerate.

• Cut up vegetables for dipping, for pizza topping and for zucchini strips. Place in individual bags or containers and refrigerate.

• Slice polenta and lightly brown the slices. Refrigerate.

• Cut most of your fruit for the kebabs into bite sized pieces. Sprinkle with lemon juice or stir well to coat with pineapple juices. If you're using bananas, cut when you prepare the 'babs.

• Make plenty of marinara sauce -- you use it for dipping and for mini pizza.

• Slice the English muffins. Bag and set aside.

Sunday morning - the BIG day
You've already done most of the work yesterday (hopefully!) Today's all about putting the pieces together.

• Arrange fruit on the skewers, cover and refrigerate.

• Preheat your oven. Put sausage balls on a cookie sheet and bake. While they're baking assemble your polenta bites. Once the sausage balls are done, the bites can be baked.

• Create your vegetable and and chip platters.

• Make the kale chips. These are best served immediately.

Touchdown! Pop it in on the table!

• Start the day with polenta bites, chips, veggies and dips.

• At half time put your guests to work making mini-pizza's. Pop your zucchini strips in the oven at the same time. Serve pizza, fruity kebabs and zucchini strips.

• As the game finishes, bring out your finale -- store-bought cupcakes adorned with mini footballs and fruit kebabs!

Enjoy the game, no matter who you're rooting for...and of course the food!

Which appetizer did you like best? Did your favorite team win?

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