Super Bowl Party Appetizer Countdown

• Preheat your oven. Put sausage balls on a cookie sheet and bake. While they're baking assemble your polenta bites. Once the sausage balls are done, the bites can be baked.

• Create your vegetable and and chip platters.

• Make the kale chips. These are best served immediately.

Touchdown! Pop it in on the table!

• Start the day with polenta bites, chips, veggies and dips.

• At half time put your guests to work making mini-pizza's. Pop your zucchini strips in the oven at the same time. Serve pizza, fruity kebabs and zucchini strips.

• As the game finishes, bring out your finale -- store-bought cupcakes adorned with mini footballs and fruit kebabs!

Enjoy the game, no matter who you're rooting for...and of course the food!

Which appetizer did you like best? Did your favorite team win?

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