Survey Reveals Top Ten Questions About Pregnancy and Parenting

by Staff

What do you think are the top ten questions about pregnancy and parenting? How do you think they stack up between OB nurses and members? We put it to the test! Research shows that the questions OB nurses receive the most and what is on the mind of our members differs quite a bit! We’ve created a side-by-side comparison the top 10 questions to showcase the answers. Does this match your top 10 list? What's important to you?

Top Ten Questions about Pregnancy and Parenting
OB Nurses Members
1. Questions about Breastfeeding 1. "Am I pregnant?"
2. Questions about nausea/vomiting 2. "Am I in labor?"
3. Questions about colds/flu 3. Questions about morning sickness
4. Questions about early pregnancy symptoms like spotting, cramps and premature labor 4. Questions about baby getting enough breast milk
5. Questions about medications 5. Questions sick babies, what medicine can baby have?
6. "Am I in Labor?" 6. Questions about getting baby to sleep
7. Questions about decreased fetal movement 7. Questions about Colic
8. Questions about newborn constipation 8. Questions about when to start solid foods and what kinds
9. Questions about headaches 9. Questions about baby blues vs. postpartum depression
10. Questions about diet and exercise 10. Questions about newborn constipation

It's pretty revealing how the data stacks up! The nurses surveyed are from a 24/7 nurse line where enrolled participants can call and speak to a OB RN regarding pregnancy or postpartum related questions or concerns. The line is available during the pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postpartum. We surveyed our members asking them what their questions would be if they called a nurse line. The results speak for themselves! If you were going to put a list together, what would it include? Chime in and post a comment!

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