Surviving Postpartum Depression First Hand

Driving a car was another huge ordeal. I just knew that everyone was out to hit me, but only when I had the baby with me. I would be a mess by the time I got back home. It is amazing how now I can look back and see the obvious signs that I struggled through. I didn't see it then, it didn't really dawn on me completely until Lyndsey was almost a year old.

In June 2001 I visited my OB and told him how my life had become. I was a constant prisoner to depression and anxiety, with no hope for release with out help. I was put on Celexa to ease the symptoms that I was having and I made a complete turnaround. My life is finally mine again. I can enjoy everyday, whether it is good or bad.

I was ashamed by what I was feeling. So many women are made to feel shame for being anxious or depressed after the birth of their baby. Everyone who hasn't experienced this type of depression does not understand why, with a beautiful baby you could ever be unhappy. I hope that by putting this article together it will bring some understanding to the condition, and help everyone to understand that it is real situation that affects real women. We aren't just statistics, I am real with real feelings and so is every other woman who experiences PPD.

Shellie Spradlin is a long time contributor and beloved member. As mom to three beautiful girls, two boys and a 1995 angel baby, Shellie has experienced both the pains and discomforts of pregnancy along with the excitement and joys! Shellie resides with her family in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.

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Thank you for posting, this is very important and useful to me in my pregnancy. This type of depression is mostly happen to those unwanted pregnancy, but I affirmed to this listed factor.