Thank You Notes Etiquette

When you send a birth announcement or invite friends to your child's birthday party or a baby shower, most people will send or bring a gift for the occasion. Thank you notes that match the theme of your event are a perfect way to show your appreciation. Folded notes with the child's full name printed on the front of the card are very popular. You can hand write your personal thank you on the inside of the card. If your child is old enough, encouraging and helping them send thank you notes are great ways to teach social manners to a child.

When to Send

Written thank you notes are appropriate for all types of gifts received. Favors such as hosting you overnight, throwing a party in your honor, as well as birthday and holiday presents are all kind acts that should be personally acknowledged with a handwritten thank you note.

If possible, write your note on the day you receive the gift or as soon as possible after receipt. However, it is never too late to send a thank you note. Obviously, if you wait a long time, you will have to make it a clever note!

Thank You Note Wording

To make a thank you note sincere, always start it by mentioning something about the gift. Generic statements like, "Thank you for your generosity," are considered too impersonal.

Dear Polly,

Thank you for the musical Elmo doll that you bought Christina. She plays with it all the time and it's become one of her favorite toys to play with before bed time. You certainly know how to pick out presents for children!

See you at the next get together!


When should children write their own thank you notes?

It is important to teach your child social manners and etiquette. There are many ways to help encourage your child to acknowledge gifts respectfully. You can craft the letter for your child or even guide his hand over the notepaper. When he can write on his own (7 or 8 years old), you can write the words down and ask your child copy it. From ages 9 through 12, you will be more of a taskmaster, making sure that your child sits down and writes the note. When your child is in high school, the child will know that every present will require a thank you note.

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