Thanksgiving Craft: From Hand Print to Turkey

by Dana B. Byrant

handKids always want to get their hands into things. Why not paint? With this cool project, your kids will need to lend a helping hand for this "hand print" turkey project. Figuratively speaking that is! Grab your supplies, a soft paint brush and tickle those fingers into feathers! You might end up with your own lil' gobbler!

You'll Need

• Brown, yellow, orange, green and red tempera paint
• Markers for the beak, waddle and feet
• White paper or other surface for printing


• Have your child hold hand out with fingers straightened. Paint each finger a different color. The thumb and palm can be brown or gray. Use plenty of paint.

• Help press the palm and all finger firmly down onto the white paper. Once you're sure all fingers are in contact with the paper, gently lift the hand straight up and off the paper.

When the handprint is dry, use markers to draw feet, a waddle and a beak onto the handprint to turn it into a turkey. Glue on a wiggle eye.


1. Turn into a Thanksgiving card by trimming and gluing to card stock. Your child can "write" a message.

2. Create place mats for the table. Arrange the finished turkey and a few leaves between two sheets of clear contact paper.

3. Paint and date a turkey with your child each year and see how much that "little turkey" has grown!

4. Print it onto a t-shirt...or a tablecloth.

5. Make a ranker of turkeys across a banner.

6. Print a calendar out of hands. Turkey for November.

Which project got your 'lil turkey crowing? Do you have another favorite hand print project?

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