Thanksgiving-inspired names for your baby

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by Julie Snyder

baby names thanksgivingIf you're due in November, you might find yourself considering a Thanksgiving-inspired name.

With just a bit of searching, you'll find an entire cornucopia of unique names for your holiday baby.

No matter when your baby arrives, the Thanksgiving season offers inspiration when choosing a name.

Expectant parents due year-round can find appealing choices on this list that will reflect their gratitude and happiness of their new child.

Thanksgiving-inspired names for your baby

Names meaning thankful

Some families prefer to select a name that means thankful, a Native American name or one that incorporates the fall season and harvest.

• Tendai (Shona)
• Jendayi (Egyptian)
• Shakira (African)
• Jaden, Jadon (Hebrew)

Pilgrim's names

Others lean toward an early-American virtue name like those of many Pilgrims or chose one from the list of passengers the Mayflower.

• For her: Alice, Constance, Eleanor, Priscilla or Susanna
• For him: Bartholomew, Elias, Jasper, Gilbert or Myles

Early-American virtue names

• Faith
• Grace
• Hope
• Charity
• Humility

While virtue names were less commonly given to boys, a new trend looks at passenger lists from the Mayflower and uses the last names first. Allerton, Chilton, Hopkins, Latham or Tilley may be perfect for your little guy.

Fall and harvest themed names

Does Thanksgiving remind you of twirling leaves, with their brilliant reds and oranges? Fall back on that memory as you name your wee one.

• Leaf (English)
• Legolas (Literary, from Lord of the Rings)
• Laramie (French, leafy grove)
• Kaede (Japanese, maple leaf)
• Alei (Hebrew, leaf)
• Suzuha (Japanese, bell-shaped leaf)
• Esther (Persian, myrtle leaf)

From the family tree

Do you view Thanksgiving as a time to reconnect with family? Take a look at your family tree for a family name that you can pass down to your child. You might start a great, new tradition.

How did you choose a name for your Thanksgiving baby?

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