The baby-making battle -- How to convince your partner

by Mollee Bauer

babymaking woo partnerYou want a baby. Your partner wants a baby too, but you're not sure when your partner wants to join you on that journey -- or if they are even on the same page as you. How do you go about finding out? How can you convince them to want to try and conceive?

What is the best way to banish the baby-making battle? Are there tried and true, proven methods to coordinate your efforts? What can you do to seduce, entice or even bribe your mate to join you on the boat to parenthood?

One thing's for certain -- you'll want to try not to let sex and baby-making become a chore for either one of you. If that happens, what should be an amazing adventure becomes mundane, with possible resentment leaking in to ruin the overall experience.

So are you ready to have some rocking hot, sexy time together? How do you keep it real and convince your partner it's time?

Convincing your partner it's time to conceive

Here are a few ways to get your partner "on board" with the whole "baby" and starting a family idea.

1. Your partner's spent his whole life trying not to get women pregnant. Time to change that point of view.

2. Make sure your parter is 100 percent ready for you to be pregnant. They could have trouble with the concept still.

3. There's no need to tell your partner when you’re ovulating or it's that "magical time" -- that only builds resentment and puts pressure on your partner.

4. Be realistic -- give yourselves a minimum of 12 months for trying to conceive a baby. Don't start freaking out if you don't conceive after a month or two -- it takes time.

5. Have an agreement that he will ejaculate inside you where possible -- avoid disappointment. Think of it this way, at least it ups the odds.

6. Please don't mention thermometers, mucous levels or ovulation windows. These words, phrases and contraptions should never be mentioned -- ever ever ever. It makes the task more like a chore or too clinical.

7. Lingerie works wonderfully to spice things up a bit -- your partner should fall for it every time.

8. Try playing with yourself in bed while your partner is there and the lights are out (or on if more adventurous!).

9. Surprise your partner with out of the norm timing like the middle of the night or early morning.

10. Orgasm shouldn't be the focus every time -- just learn how to enjoy one another first. This is all about pressure and you know how good guys are at pressure plays!

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