The History of the Pregnancy Test

by Yorinda Boblily

How Do You Find Out You're Pregnant?

The pregnancy test and the methods to find out if you're pregnant or not, have gone through a massive transformation. Our infographic shows what our past counterparts had to go through just to "know" if they were pregnant or not. If you were living in 1350 BCE you didn't have the luxuries and conveniences we do. Let's face it, being a woman "back then" wasn't ideal. The myths and mysticism surrounding pregnancy created a rather bizarre history for the pregnancy test. For instance, the days of being gainfully employed as a "piss prophet" in Europe haven't been around since the 17th century. Wait, back up. Did we really just say "piss prophet?" We sure did! During the middle ages through to the 17th century, these "prophets" claimed to be able to tell if a woman was pregnant based on the color of her urine. Thankfully, today's methods have gotten a bit more accurate and less embarrassing. Take our historical tour and ride from Egypt in 1350 BCE to modern times where a Clearblue digital pregnancy test can tell you almost instantly if you're pregnant or not. History of the Pregnancy Test


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