The Mop Romper -- using your baby to clean your floors

by Mollee Bauer

baby mopWhile surfing around the 'net looking for interesting parenting and pregnancy news, I came across a spoof ad, that actually has become a controversial product.

At first I thought the manufacturer was kidding and that this was all a joke, but it turns out they're not!

See what all the fuss is about!

The manufacturer of the "Mop Romper" claims that their product has the following benefits:

• The product will "teach" your baby a good work ethic

• Your baby will "learn" how to not drop and waste food

• Your baby will get a great "workout" and will have no more trouble napping

• The Mop Romper will save you time to enjoy other things

• The Mop Romper will save you money on household costs

And if you think we're serious about promoting this product and advocating its use, we have a bridge for you in Brooklyn for you to purchase, too (wink).

Would you buy this "innovative" product?

Do you think this is the best product ever?

Which "benefit" is your favorite or are you horrified this product even exists?

Tell us what you think -- don't hold back!

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