The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Beating the Heat

by Virginia B. Hargrove keeping cool

The summer heat wave is wilting your pregnancy bloom. It's also souring your mood and trying your last thread of patience.

You've read through dozens of surviving hot weather articles. Now you know that pregnant women are uncomfortable in the heat and that you should drink enough to stay hydrated and wear cooler clothing.

You're looking for tried and tested ways to get comfortable and cool down, not little facts that anyone with half a brain would already know. Look no further! Here's your guide to beating the heat!

Heat Busters for Pregnant Gals

Frozen Foot Massage

Your feet look like small hippos and radiate enough heat to warm your entire home in the middle of the winter. Not only that, they hurt.

It's a good thing you thought ahead and froze a few plastic bottles of water. Take one out. Put it on the floor and give yourself a cooling, foot massage by rolling the bottle back and forth with your feet.

Loose and Comfy

Clothing can help you deal with the heat. Opt for comfortable, loose fitting clothing made of natural fibers like cotton and linen. Choose lightweight outfits in light colors to help you stay comfortable in the summer.

While your picking out clothes, look for item geared for keeping cool in the summer. Some shirt feature an ice pack collar that you refrigerate or freeze before use. You might find a scarf that you can freeze and wear. One little shiver and you'll feel better for hours!

Sleep Solo

If you have enough room, consider sleeping apart for at least part of the night. First, he's hot. Yes, we know that's what got you in the condition in the first place, but this time we're talking about body heat. Trying get back to sleep through your partner's snores, while hot, sweaty and swollen can leave you resentful as well as sleepless.

A cool, wet wash cloth wiped over your face and neck can help. As the water evaporates from your skin, it cools you down. Turn on a fan to cool you down and let some gentle music lure you to sleep.

Get Out the Kiddie Pool

Join the "big" kids in the kiddie pool. Even if you don't have a toddler or preschooler, you can rationalize buying your own little pool. After all, you'll need it next year or maybe your friend's little guy would enjoying playing it in next week.

Meanwhile, test it out. Place it in the shade and fill it up. You can bring book, a big glass of iced fruity water and get comfortable.

Be a Cool Drinker

Chop your favorite fresh fruits and freeze in an ice cube tray. Once they're good and solid, put a couple in your glass and add water for a refreshing drink. It not only has a fruity flavor, but also helps replace electrolytes that you lose when you sweat.

The last beverage ranked "refreshing;" this one rates "breezy." Add slices of lemon and a lime, mint leaves and chopped pineapple to two quarter water. Allow it to set an hour, then pour over ice and enjoy.

Seek out Air Conditioning

As the temperatures rise, moms-to-be seek out the cool spots. We're not talking about shops with amazing maternity and baby wear! Maybe your own home has air conditioning. Otherwise, you might find a trip to the mall a necessary expenditure. While you're there, check out the cute clothes!

Too hot to cook? You bet it is! Enjoy a cool salad or take yourself out to an air-conditioned restaurant. You'll not only stay comfortable, but you'll be improving your relationship with a date night.

Bring Your Own Shade

Some events, like a child's sports event or your husbands road race, can coax your pregnant self out of the AC and into the heat. Bring your own umbrella and a spray bottle of water. Hang out in the shade and spritz yourself frequently to cool down.

This summer's heat wave means moms-to-be have gotten creative in battling the temps. How have you fought back to keep cool?