The pregnant gal's guide to fall safety and comfort

by Julie Snyder

Fall SafetyA refreshing nip in the air, beautiful foliage and crops galore -- the season gives you plenty to anticipate.

If you're busy making a baby, this season caters to your needs. Your midwife or doctor may have suggested that you get plenty of exercise and eat healthy.

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to the market in autumn and it's cooled down enough that you finally can enjoy getting out for a good walk.

Your guide to fall comfort and safety

No matter what the month, your pregnant self can find plenty of perks and a few disadvantages. Here's what you can do to make autumn a pleasant season for you and your baby.

Enjoy the abundant harvest

An apple a day: High in fiber, apples spell comfort during pregnancy, especially if you're suffering from constipation. Enjoy one in your lunch or steep up a cup of hot apple cider.

Comfort soup: On a chilly autumn day, nothing quite hits the spot like a steaming bowl of soup. Toss a bunch of fresh veggies into the crock pot and come home to a savory, comforting soup.

Love the season

Fall is a season, not an accident! In autumn, leave make a mass migration toward the ground. You don't want to follow their example. An early morning frost or a typical fall drizzle can turn a path coated with these beautifully colored jewels into a slippery hazard.

Definitely take the time to enjoy outdoor beauty and kick the leaves. Just check your footing first!

Dress for erratic weather

Finally, the temperatures have dropped. You're able to change from tank tops and shorts to capris and sleeves -- most days.

However, the weather tends to be fickle in autumn. That gorgeous sunshine this morning might turn to wind and showers by afternoon...or the other way around. Either way, you can find yourself dressed for discomfort. Outsmart the season with these tips:

✓ Dress in layers
✓ Bring along a jacket or sweater
✓ Pack an umbrella

Go low-key for the holidays

Limit activities. Holiday commitments -- shopping all day, hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner and attending a ton of parties -- that seem a wonderful idea today may not turn out to be the best of plans. As your pregnancy progresses, you may be lower on energy and tire more easily. You may want to stick to a few core traditions and politely decline other invitations.

Ask for help. Let others host the get-together and help out with dishes. Hand off your shopping list to your husband (do know that I heard you snicker and saw your eyes roll) or ask a friend to keep an eye open for items on your list. Better yet, take advantage Cyber Monday and do your shopping online.

Set aside me time

With the shorter and cooler days, autumn's a great time to steal an afternoon nap, head to bed earlier or spend part of an evening just for you.

Sleep or insomnia? Fluff your pillow, find a comfortable position and catch up on the zzz's.

Lessen stress. Stress affects everyone's health, but if you're pregnant, you have an extra reason to focus on self-care. Use an hour or an entire day and find your Zen during pregnancy.

Have you been pregnant in autumn? What's on your bucket list for fall safety and comfort?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.