The pregnant gal's guide to holiday shopping

by Julie Snyder Pregnant Gal's Guide to holiday shoppingHoliday shopping can be daunting for anyone what with everyone running around searching for the perfect presents. When you're pregnant however, holiday shopping can present some additional challenges, not to mention frustrations. Close your eyes and imagine those jostling elbows as you head for that perfect gift. That can be stressful to think about. Now, add a not-so-gentle nudge from the elbow within. Yes, it can present challenges! No matter what stage you are in, our guide to holiday shopping provides helpful tips to help you throughout the season!

Holiday shopping when you're pregnant

1. Make a list; look through sales ads. If you don't receive the paper, consider picking up one on Sunday when all the sales ads come out. At minimum for each person on your list, settle on an "idea" before heading to the stores.

2. Consolidate shopping: Hit a department store over several specialty shops. Some stores will even price match ads on same items.

3. Get hydrated before you head out and carry a bottle of water with you.

4. Stake out bathrooms when you enter a store due to number three above, among other contributing factors.

5. Keep small snacks stashed in your purse to help calm queasies. Good choices are crackers or trail mix.

6. Wear comfy shoes. Now is not the time to let your inner fashionista heels out on the town.

7. Shop off hours when parking lots and stores are apt to be less crowded to be able to procure better parking spaces and less time standing in line at the checkout.

8. Space things out. Don't try to do a marathon shopping trip all in one day but maybe divvy up the stores that you want to go to. Hit one after work and another a few days later on a lunch break

9. Consider creating more gifts of the heart. Dig through your craft box or look around the web. You'll find tons of great gift ideas that you can make, even from the couch.

Best tip of all?

10. Shop online. Take advantage of free shipping deals from the comfort of your recliner...with your feet up and a comforting cup of tea at hand.

Have you had a pregnant shopping adventure gone awry? Share your story!

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