The pregnant gal's guide to last minute gift shopping

by Julie Snyder

Last minute shopping pregnantThe clock's ticking down and you still have gifts to buy.

We all promise ourselves that we won't be part of the last minute holiday shopping frenzy. This year, you didn't want to get caught in a crowd of eager shoppers, with a pregnant belly in tow.

You organized and spaced out your shopping, a little on Monday, a couple stops on Thursday. As you shopped, you checked each person and item off your list. Things do come up at the last minute. If you find your pregnant self facing an emergency shopping trip, these tips can maximize your shopping pleasure.

Guide to last minute gift shopping

1. Check your list. When dealing with pregnancy brain, you might need to check it twice. Can't think of a thing to get them? Look through our holiday gift guides. We've got something for every age.

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2. Work with your body. Are you queasy in the morning? Head out in the afternoon. Do you have cankles every evening? Avoid marathon shopping trips late in the day. Are you exhausted all the time? See if you can lean on friends and family for most of your purchases.

3. Look for it online. Buying what you need from the comfort of your recliner has a certain draw. Click and put it in your cart if you have enough time.

4. Text your partner or best friend. They may already be out and about.

5. Plan your trip. Consider consolidating your shopping. Save yourself steps. Instead of several specialty shops, hit a department store. Many will price match ads on same items.

6. Bring water and snacks or plan to hit stores close to a coffee shop where you can rehydrate, pick up a healthy snack and put up your feet for a few minutes.

7. Resist the urge to keep shopping. As soon as you've crossed off everything on your list, leave the store. This isn't the year to keep up the quest for that perfect gift.

How do you approach holiday gift shopping -- try to get it all in one fell swoop or several shorter trips? Has your normal holiday shopping routine changed since you've become pregnant?

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