The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Mother's Day

by Courtney Sullivan

Pregnant Gal's Guide to Mother's DayMother's Day is coming right up. If you have a bun in the oven, you might find yourself getting a lot of attention. Some people wonder if you should celebrate the holiday before your baby's born. I think it's safe to say that most women consider themselves mothers as soon as they find out they're expecting.

What do you think? Should moms-to-be celebrate Mother's Day?

Speaking of finding out, you might enjoy springing the good news on your unsuspecting extended family on Mother's Day weekend.

Announcing Your Pregnancy

You've decided to surprise the family. Your biggest problem might be hiding your pregnancy until then, especially if morning sickness seems your constant companion or your belly has suddenly popped.

We've got news! If you happen to be in your first trimester, you've got it made! "Help" your wee one choose a present for grandma or find the perfect card and sign it from the baby bean.

Wear it and proclaim it. Find a "baby on board," "mommy to be," or even a "my mom's getting promoted to grandma" t-shirt. You can design your own and have it printed.

Team blue or pink: Even if everyone knows a baby's on the way, you might still have a secret to share. or the gender ultrasound results out of the envelop.

Getting the word out can be fun, but you might just want to feel a part of the festivities.

Mom-to-Be Wishlist

As a mom-to-be, you've been taking special care of yourself. You've made sacrifices (and what mom wouldn't to keep her babe safe). You're putting in the hours, nurturing your body and baby. Go ahead and let others -- like your husband -- show that they appreciate everything you're doing.

Would one of these gifts or activities make you feel especially special on Mother's Day? You might want to drop a hint or two.

Spending the day together. Spend a few precious minutes with your guy or partner before baby makes three. Have a picnic in the backyard, walk along the beach or spend the day snuggling in bed. Being pregnant doesn't mean you're not sexy!

Focusing on the baby. Many families are having a meal out with mom. That clears the way for you to head out and day dream or buy baby gear. Have fun!

Heading out for Mother's Day: Instead of preparing a brunch or waiting for a seat at a crowded restaurant, suggest a family outing and invite the other moms in your life.

Getting a gift. Some folks might not get celebrating before the baby's born. If you expect a gift, you might need to start dropping hints early.

Celebrating You

Growing a baby takes effort and commitment. You'll be busy with a new baby soon, so now's the time to pamper yourself. What better time than on Mother's Day?

Prenatal massage: This type of massage pampers your skin, muscles, bones and even your hormones -- all of which are stressed, strained and hard-working throughout pregnancy. Gift yourself an hour with licensed massage therapist.

Splurge on one great piece of maternity wear. Go ahead and pamper yourself with a great dress or some comfy jeans. Every pregnant woman deserves at least one outfit that makes heads turn and other women think, "I want to be pregnant so I can look like her."

Curl up with a good book. Have you been spending all your spare time with pregnancy books? Take some time and catch up on all those other great reads.

Enjoy a natural spa set or make yourself a natural treat that will pamper your pregnant body, mind and spirit.

Indulge yourself. Spend today doing things you enjoy. Whether it's scrapbooking, gardening, shopping, gaming, or chatting with friends, pamper yourself with a few hours of your favorite activity.

We wish you a memorable day on your very first Mother's Day! What's on your list?