The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Spring Fashion

by Jovanna Acevedo Quesada Pregnant Gal's Guide to Spring Fashion

All around us nature's coming back to life.

Green leaf buds appear, trees are starting to burst into bloom, and tiny sprouts pop and push their way through the softer ground. It's time to celebrate nature's rebirth.

Spring becomes even more appropriate when you have a constant (and ever growing) reminder pushing on and stretching the seams on your clothing!

Maternity outfits are not like your mom's big, ugly smocks seen in the past.

Nowadays pregnant women can dress with uniqe style, color and flare.

Today's styles are a fashionable and comfortable way to cover your expanding belly.

Are you ready to trade in sweaters for tank tops? Boots for sandals? Take a look at what's hot and what's not this spring.

Spring Maternity Fashions

Jewel tones, color-blocking, and bright jeans are back. From the runways of New York to the cover of the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue, the trend is mixing and matching bright solid bold colors. These colors create a combination of spring cheerfulness.

Prints, from florals, dots and zig-zags to bold global themes are dominating the runways. Designers have been putting out clothes in sorbet-pastels. Even women's suits have transformed this spring. The severe black, blue and grey of seasons past have given way to pastel-hued, soft, summer suits.

We've heard rumors that tangerine is the new black this season. If you have the skin tone and hair to pull off the oranges, now is the time to show it off. Nothing is hotter than tangerine this season, especially in floral and retro ikat (think really bright and gawdy) fabrics.

Another trend for spring is an asymmetrical look. The dipped hem -- the front of the hem is cut shorter than the back -- flatters a pregnant gal's curves. Both tops and dresses have been seen sporting this hi-low hemline.

Putting it Together Your Style

Choose shorts or jeans with rollover waist bands. Many moms claim that the bands grow with your bump and they add a little warmth on a chilly spring day.

Cropped tees and sweaters have been filling up retail stores. This item is perfect for pregnancy, too. Layer a cropped top over a fitted camisole for a flattering maternity creation.

Get ready for spring showers with a rain jacket, trench or light overcoat. Some brave mommas add definition to their waist by cinching a belt to the area right below bust.

There's no need to throw style or your personal taste out the window just because your baby's "springing out." Show off that baby bump. You and your wardrobe can blossom together.

Beat Unpredictable Weather with Layers

Hot, cold and everything in-between! It could snow one day and br 80 degrees the next. What's a mom-to-be to do?

Layers aren't just on the outside. Top a stretchy pencil skirt with a light, flowing, floral sundress. Adding the stretchy layer can help you feel comfortable in cute clothes that might make you a little self-conscious.

Knits are in, especially in handbags. But there's no need to stop there. If the unpredictable weather's left you a bit chilly, an open patterned shrug or shawl wards off the chills and can be tossed aside when the sun decides to make an appearance.

What's your favorite fashion trend this season? Do you have ideas to spruce up your style without spending a fortune?

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