The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Surviving Summer

Dealing with Swelling

Leg and foot swelling is common in the last half of pregnancy. Minimize misery -- try these tips:

• When you sit, put your feet up
• Pop your feet in a tub of cool water
• Wear comfortable shoes
• Go for a walk during the cool part of the day

Fainting and Heat Exhaustion

If you feel weak, dizzy, light headed or extremely thirsty, head indoors. Drink a glass of cool water or a sports drink. Lie down on your left side. If you don't feel better soon, call your midwife or doctor.

Food Safety

Food spoils faster in summer. Beware of typical barbecue and picnic foods that contain mayonnaise like potato salad and coleslaw. As a general rule, if it's been out more than an hour or two, pass it up.

What's helped you survive the summer? An easy recipe, a cool lake, a helpful friend? Tell us all about it!