The pregnant gal's guide to the movies

by Laura Sussely-Pope

Preg Guide to MoviesSo, you have a little time before the baby arrives.

You may be on leave from work and time passes so slowly.

How about a day or night of movies?

Soon, you'll find watching an entire movie nearly impossible, whether at home or a theater. Your sweet extra bundle will need food, diapers and cuddles.

Now is the time to catch the latest, greatest flick and gain some much needed "alone" time before the big day.

Pregnant gal's guide to the movies

Chick flicks to match your changing emotions

Juno, a single teen is faced with an unexpected pregnancy. She enlists the aid of her best friend in finding the unborn child a suitable home, with an infertile, upscale, yuppie couple. Juno shows you reality while highlighting the tiny details about love and life. It's a "feel-good" movie that leaves you, well, feeling good. If you're down or just in the mood to be lifted up, this movie's for you.

Baby Mama: A tale of surrogacy and friendship.
Kate, a single, career-oriented woman put parenthood on hold a bit too long. Now baby fever strikes, but she's forced to hire a surrogate mother when she discovers there is only a one-in-a-million chance that she will be able to have a baby herself. Her surrogate is pregnant! What could possibly go wrong?

Father of the Bride 2: Steve Martin does a fantastic job in this remake of Spencer Tracy's "Father's Little Dividend." Just as he recovers from his daughter's wedding, he receives the news that she's pregnant -- and that his wife is expecting, too. It will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone at the same time.

Raising Arizona: Many couples are devastated by not being able to have a child of their own, but few solve the problem like H.I and his wife. Police officer, Edwinna couldn't conceive. They got a cold-cocked idea to "borrow" one of furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona's quints. After all, they had so many and would never miss the child. An adventure of epic proportions begins as a bounty hunter enters the picture, as well as others intent on collecting the huge reward offered for the baby. Never fear! All ends well and happy, too.

More sappy pregnancy movies recommended by our members:

• Knocked Up
• Nine Months
• She's Having a Baby
• Where the Heart Is
• Baby Boom
• Three Men and a Baby
• Look Who's Talking

About pregnancy and babies

The Business of Being Born, produced by Ricki Lake, educates women about their choices in childbirth, and raises questions about maternity care in the U.S. She and director, Abby Epstein released the follow-up series, More Business of Being Born, a set of four films delving deeper into all things birth. You'll see well-known faces including Cindy Crawford, Alanis Morissette, Gisele Bundchen and Laila Ali speaking openly about their diverse birth experiences.

Being Dad covers everything from trying to conceive through your child's birth. Engaging, enlightening, entertaining and candidly truthful, the program reveals the fears, anxieties and joys that every first-time father faces.

Babies follows four babies from around the world -- Namibia, Japan, Mongolia and California -- during their first year of life. It's been described as watching someone's home movies for two hours, but boy, were those kids cute! And it showed us that no matter the location or culture, babies will be babies.

Other documentaries our members recommend:

• Orgasmic Birth
• National Geographic's In the Womb
• Science of Babies
• The Great Sperm Race
• The Greatest Miracle

Halloween-themed movies

The Seventh Sign: The apocalypse…scary word, huh? Abby Quinn is pregnant with her first child and odd things start happening. Abby finds out that her newborn might not survive. As the apocalypse approaches, there will be no soul for her baby unless someone offers up theirs in exchange. This movie definitely stops hearts and starts tears. Abby takes a bullet to save an innocent. Will her baby survive? Who will supply a soul?

Alien: A classic example of "do not mess with momma's babies." All momma Alien wants is some babies. So what if they have to be carried in humans? When the crew of a spaceship wake up early to a distress signal from a planet below, they discover odd beings attached to a crew member. High energy and high stress describe this movie. You never know where big momma is lurking or who one of her babies will come flying out of!

What's on your movie list while you wait for baby?

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