The pregnant gal's guide to the movies

Halloween-themed movies

The Seventh Sign: The apocalypse…scary word, huh? Abby Quinn is pregnant with her first child and odd things start happening. Abby finds out that her newborn might not survive. As the apocalypse approaches, there will be no soul for her baby unless someone offers up theirs in exchange. This movie definitely stops hearts and starts tears. Abby takes a bullet to save an innocent. Will her baby survive? Who will supply a soul?

Alien: A classic example of "do not mess with momma's babies." All momma Alien wants is some babies. So what if they have to be carried in humans? When the crew of a spaceship wake up early to a distress signal from a planet below, they discover odd beings attached to a crew member. High energy and high stress describe this movie. You never know where big momma is lurking or who one of her babies will come flying out of!

What's on your movie list while you wait for baby?

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