The Sponge

by Anai Rhoads.

What is the Sponge?

The Sponge is a polyurethane foam that contains three special spermicides. It releases a spermicidal gel, that creates a barrier, protecting against any sperm passing through to the cervix. The spermicide successfully immobilizes and kills the sperm on contact. If used properly, it has a success rate of 90%.

Where can I get the Sponge?

You do not need to see your doctor to get the Sponge. It's freely available over the counter at many stores. No prescription necessary.

How do I use the Sponge?

Read the package instructions carefully. The Sponge may be inserted several hours before anticipated intercourse, and can be left inside for up to 12 hours after. You do not have to use a new sponge each time you have intercourse during that period. It leaves you with a full 24 hours of protection against pregnancy.

Any side effects with the Sponge?

If you have ever had toxic-shock syndrome in the past or have ever been allergic the spermicide nonoxyl-9, do not use the Sponge. If while using the Sponge you experience any itching, swelling, soreness, abdominal cramping, chill or fever, contact your doctor right away.

Anai Rhoads is a medical and political researcher/writer with a particular interest in the sanctions on Iraq and the wider effect of racism's influence in the Middle East. A vegan since 2000, she is a dedicated supporter of activities which promote animal and human rights. Originally from Greece, she now resides in Virginia, USA with her husband and their two dogs, Bijou and Eva..

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