The "Sweetest Day" for Couples

by Staff

couple kissSweetest Day -- a day to surprise, delight and bring a smile to that special someone in your life! What person wouldn't appreciate a reminder that you value your relationship?

Help this holiday leap out of the shadows of its "relatives" -- Valentine's (by purpose) and Halloween (by timing) -- and stand on its own! Critics complain that it's only a commercial ploy to sell cards, candy, and flowers but Sweetest Day offers couples an excuse to connect. It's a celebration of friendship, romance, and love.

Let's face it. Life today seems to race ahead at an ever more hectic pace. With pressure to become a master juggler of work and family schedules, many of us fall exhausted into bed at night -- dreading the call of the alarm to "do it again" the next day. Romance and intimacy (not to mention GREAT S-E-X) tend to sink to "low priority." Move your relationship up the ladder with a jump onto the "Sweetest Day" bandwagon!

Sweet(heart) Treats

Pleasurable foods can ignite a relationship. Fresh and vibrant colors, vivid and alive aromas and varied taste enhance your ability to receive pleasure, radiate joy and freely give pleasure to others.

  • Treat-or-treat: From yummy bars to those tart and sassy – try surprising your honey by leaving a preferred candied choice on his desk along with a note for even more "treats" to come! (C'mon. It is called "Sweetest Day" and can you really have too much candy?)
  • Plan and prepare a favorite meal. Feed the kids early, set the mood with lighting and soft music, and enjoy. Don't have the energy? Even pizza for two over candlelight can turn into something special.
  • Decadent desserts: Solve two problems at once! Are you craving a luscious key lime cheesecake or devilishly delicious chocolate cake? Make or buy one of your mutual favorites. He's bound to share (if he knows what's good for him)!

Romance for Two

Since an over-abundance of holidays circle around candy, we've offered alternatives. Try these suggestions to make your "Sweetest Day" even sweeter without calories!

  • Share your romance -- in pictures! If you haven't already, start a scrapbook just for the two of you. Don't get overwhelmed trying create it all at once. Select the cover and perhaps "scrap" a special romantic memory the two of you shared. Keep it clean to share with your future generations! The two of you can look for ways to build more pages together in the future.
  • Pamper each other with a "babymoon." How about a weekend at a local bed and breakfast, a week at a resort or an evening at home. The location and length aren't important; setting aside time to connect is. The most important factor? Unplug (tv,computer, phone) and tune into each other!
  • For our expectant parents: Invite him to try out pregnancy. Developing empathy will build romance! Devices like the "Mommy Tummy" simulate various aspects of pregnancy including weight gain and kicking. Sensors on the device allow the "fetus" to respond to his touch and motion. Once he's packed that "baby" a bit, you can offer a foot rub or back massage.

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Adding the Spice of Intimacy

  • Wash your partner's car or him! And then take advantage of the possibilities suggested by a "wet t-shirt" look! Your partner might appreciate not having to wash that car. But let's be totally honest. The best gift of all is you -- all of you. Get a babysitter, get bubble bath rolling and enjoy that "quality time" we can all use more of!
  • Enjoy an evening "in." Break out the gaming console, a bottle of sparkly (or champagne or beer if you're not pregnant), a batch of popcorn and see who "beats" who. Then cheer up the loser with a hug and a kiss...or more. If a movie, a 12-pack and hot monkey sex is more your style, go for it!
  • Location, location, location! Change it up a bit. When was the last time you were together in the kitchen, living room, shower or -- if you can find a way to do "it" legally -- outdoors!? (Sorry, we don't offer bail money!) If outdoors is out of the question, (We have small kids, too!), make the most of your own bedroom. Add silk sheets, new sexy lingerie, or massage oils to put you both "in the mood."

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With pregnancy and new parenting, time to be together becomes scarce. Whether distracted by the aches of pregnancy or the cries of your sweet newborn, parents can forget that they're still a couple. "The Sweetest Day" offers more than candy. It offers a chance to reconnect with your other half. Let this holiday nourish the best parts of your relationship!

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