The Worst Mother's Day Gifts

by Jovanna Acevedo Quesada

Worst Mother's Day GiftMother's Day offers us a chance to thank the woman who loved us through those awkward toddler and teen years, who changed our diapers, healed boo-boos and chased away monsters.

You're searching for the perfect gift. Last year's was a flop and you've had almost a whole year to plan out a better present. To help you out, we've asked members what they'd list on the "worst mother's day gift" register.

Here are the gifts our members found might not always say "I love you, Mom." While your mom might enjoying carpentry or big trucks, she's the exception. Most of us will want to opt out of these presents.

Anything Weight Related

A pre-paid membership for a weight loss program: While you might have the best intentions and want her to look her best or feel her best, this gift could hurt her feelings. A scale, diet books and workout DVD might not deliver the message you had in mind, either. Of course, if it's on her wish list, that's a different story!

"I got my mom a membership at Weight Watchers. She was going on a cruise in the summer. I just wanted her to feel good about herself. She felt hurt, instead," Kara shares.

A better gift: Treat your mom to a day at the spa or invite her over for a healthy, home-cooked meal.

Tickets to Events You Love

Monster Truck Rally or Demolition Derby tickets: Some women love 'em. One mom I know has been trying to win tickets for weeks! Other moms would rather spend the day strapped to an ant hill on a hot, sweaty day or confined in a small room with 17 two-year-olds.

A better gift: Tickets to an event she'd love and then you come along...and enjoy yourself.

A Chainsaw, Xbox or Jumper Cables

That kick-butt air wrench set: Dads take note. Mother's Day is not an excuse to buy something that you've been wanting. Step away from the power tools and stop drooling over a Harley, unless the mother on your list would die for a new power tool.

"Dad got my mom a power drill. She was nice about it, but she wasn't all that thrilled. I think she was hoping for a 'toy' she'd enjoy -- like a bubbler for her pond," Ren says.

A better gift: Go for the grill. Thanks to food networks, most chicks dig them. Not only will you get points for a great gift, but you'll rake in benefits, like a good meal.

Anything Kitchen

A toaster or pots and pans: No one wants reminded of work on their special day. A new can opener or waffle maker could say "cook for me," not "I appreciate you." If a cordless knife, Unless it's something like a high dollar Kitchenaid mixer she's wanted forever, tread carefully in this department.

Anna says, "Anything related to cooking or cleaning is generally a bad idea. My mom once told me that she hated getting that kind of stuff because it felt like she was being told to cook and clean more."

A better gift: If you must go with a kitchen-themed gift, consider purchasing it from a charity catalog. Then mom has two gifts to love.

Wrapping it Up

Your heart was in the right place. You sought advice on gifts for moms. You listened all year for hints. Still, you gave a gift that she really didn't like. Don't worry; that can happen. Include a gift receipt in the box. She'll feel loved that you spent time choosing a great gift and even more loved that you recognize that even a mom has her own preferences.

Moms out there, what's the worst Mother's Day gift you've seen or received?


Sagebrush kid's picture

Some of the tackiest gifts can come along with a huge "I love you!"

My now 27-year-old was looking through my jewelry box this week. One year when she was 7 or 8, she found the MOST beautiful (to a small girl's eye) set of rings. She bartered for them and they became my Mother's Day Gift. For the record, they are gaudy and awful and don't fit. But to me, they represent a child discovering the most lovely thing in the world and wanting me, her mommy, to have it. I treasured those.

Back to the 27-year-old...She found that set of rings and said, "OMG! What was I thinking? These are awful!"

I know what she was thinking. "I love you, mommy."