The Accidental Conception: My Reaction to Those Unexpected Pregnancy Comments

by Emily Van Do

pregnant woman with notepadI started my pregnancy like most first-timers -- excited, anxious and admittedly a little scared. I read so much information about pregnancy -- the process, what to eat, what the father should expect, etc.

I thought I was prepared for anything, UNTIL...

Random people suddenly looked across the room and mistook me for a huge, approachable teddy bear! They touched my belly and said incredibly inappropriate comments!

  • Where did those boobs come from?
  • My wife wasn't tired when she was pregnant!
  • You are sooooo big! Are you sure there aren't two in there?
  • I hope you're planning on losing the weight after the baby?

I not only couldn't believe what I was hearing, I couldn't escape it! The comments came from anyone and everyone!

To make sure I wasn't that hormonal pregnant woman, I wrote the comments down to ask my husband. He, of course, reassured me that it wasn't me, it was THEM.

What can a mom-to-be do when approached with these totally inappropriate comments from anyone from a total stranger to a bus driver to a co-worker? Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep listening to that ipod!
  • If its a guy, start talking to him about your female problems that go along with pregnancy... that will keep him quiet!
  • If its a weight comment, ask if he/she is on a weight loss program so you know which one to avoid after you give birth.
  • Share them below in comments. We'll understand.
  • Smile! (You've got an exciting delivery to make!)

stork making a deliveryMe? I collected them and at the end of the pregnancy, I had so many comments....
A book was born!

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