Top 10 Baby Registry Must-Haves

by Elena Gonzales

Top Ten Baby Registry ItemsIn today's culture, product choice reflects personal parenting choices.

Is it going to be cloth or disposable diapers? Are you going to breastfeed or use formula? Are you going to try your hand at co-sleeping or use a crib?

The items on your baby registry let friends and family -- especially those living far away -- which baby gear fits your lifestyle. Head off and build it, with our FREE universal baby registry.

Would you find wandering around the baby superstore planning the perfect, dreamy nursery and assembling the right arsenal of baby gear surprisingly overwhelming?

Our solution? Ask someone who's been there like an experienced mom. We did exactly that! We asked our members to share the items they found most essential those first months with a new baby and here they are!

1. Diapers

Whether your baby dons disposables or sports cloth bum covers, you'll need diapers -- a lot of diapers. Let your friends know which kind of diapers your prefer.

2. Baby wrap or carrier

What's the one baby gadget you would want if you were stranded on a desert island? For a lot of Moms, it would be a baby sling. If you have a fussy or colicky baby, a baby sling can absolutely be a sanity saver!

3. Sound machine

My mom said to always keep some noise in the house so the baby gets used to falling asleep to anything. It seemed like sound advice (pun intended). I took it to heart and bought a sound machine. Referred to as "baby crack" on some birth boards, this little gizmo is a life-saver. Its soothing noises can muffle or block out the jarring traffic horns or even voices that wake your newborn before nap time is close to over.

4. Swaddling blankets

Next to a white noise machine, a snug swaddling blanket helps your baby stay calm and sleep well. According to recent studies, swaddling helps babies sleep longer. Swaddling re-creates curled up in the womb cocoon feeling. You and your baby will be glad this item made the registry list!

5. Breastfeeding pillow

One mom I know says her Boppy just might become her "breast" friend! Hunching over to feed your little one can do a number on your spine so a nursing pillow to position the baby is a back-saver.

6. Co-sleeper or bassinet

Baby needs a spot to snooze. Do you want to be able to reach over and draw your baby close for comforting and bonding? Try a co-sleeper.

7. Baby and children's books

Experts say it's never too early to begin reading to children. Maybe you've started already! Consider adding simple books with contrasting colors or black and white pictures and a books of poetry or nursery rhymes.

8. Glider or rocker

Your back will love the change in position. Your baby will love the repeating rhythm. Take advantage of this win/win situation.

9. Diaper bag or back pack

Next to a bottom cover and a place to set your baby, something to pack the necessary loot will be high on your list.

10. A good friend on speed dial

Preferably one who's recently had a baby! Seriously though, our moms suggested a digital camera and a class on taking great pictures.

Happy dreaming! Did you find an essential we forgot. Please add it in comments.