Top 10 Biblical Names for Boys in 2011

by Brodie Nepean

pregnant belly with letter blocksIf you're pregnant with a baby boy, the odds favor that you'll select a bible-based name.

According to the Social Security Administration, 7 out of the top 10 names were from the bible last year. Faith isn't the only reason these names carry themselves so strongly. Honoring family members, popular books and movies, and plain old popularity keep these names at the top of many new parents' lists.

Whatever your reasons, know that picking a bible name will honor your son with a rich history and meaning.

10. Elijah has soared to popularity, jumping nearly 200 places in the last two decades. Elijah means "Lord is my God," and has become the choice of many who keep their religion strong within their family.

9. Joseph: This name may not have been ranked in the top 10 recently, but it has held its place in people's hearts. The name Joseph means "God will increase." There were several men named Joseph in the bible, all of which were held in high regard.

8. Joshua spans the globe and centuries with different meanings and pronunciations. The Hebrew meaning is "Jehovah is Salvation," or commonly shortened to just "salvation." This name fell from popularity only since 2010, when it reached the 11th spot for all boys.

7. Andrew: Brother to Peter, apostle and later a saint, Andrew was known as the "warrior." Andrew has been the name of kings, presidents and other elite figures in history. It has not left the top 20 in as many years.

6. Matthew means "Gift from God" and that just about says it all! Beloved apostle and namesake for one of the most influential gospels in the New Testament, Matthew will be popular for a long time to come.

5. Noah: Maker of the ark and re-multiplier of the earth. Noah is probably the most famous character from the bible. Noah means "peaceful," which surely he had to be to survive 40 days and nights on the water! This name has made a slow and steady climb to the top.

4. David means "beloved" and is mentioned more than a thousand times throughout the bible. David was a king, shepherd, soldier and many other roles . While this name hasn't kept a high ranking in the last decade, it's still one of the most recognizable and well-known biblical names.

3. Daniel: Known for escaping certain death in a lion's den, Daniel is equated with ultimate faith. The translation means "God is my judge," which really fits the persona of the name. Daniel, Danny, Dan and all its variations have spent years in the top 10.

2. Michael, the archangel, fought battles for God. While the translation of his name means "he who resembles God," the name is synonymous with gentle strength. Saints, kings, and other dignitaries have carried this noble title. It has not been shaken from a place in the top 3 in the last 20 years.

1. Jacob: The translation from Hebrew means "supplanter," which loosely translates to "holder of the heel." Not exactly a noble translation, but Jacob was known in the bible as the "Father of the 12 tribes of Israel." The name has held the top position for 12 years running, and shows no signs of dropping.

When it comes to blessing your newest addition, there is no shortage of strong biblical names to choose from. Most parents have an inkling into their child's personality before they even arrive. Whatever name you decide on it will no doubt reflect their own unique attributes.

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