Top 10 Bible Names for Girls in 2011

by Brodie Nepean

baby dress shoesThe Bible is male-dominated when it comes to people's names. There are only 188 women mentioned compared to over 2,600 men. Out of the 188 women, only 20 of these biblical names are common today among parents. If you're looking for a biblical name for your little girl, there's no shortage of pride and meaning behind each character.

As society marches into the future, traditional and biblical names have become less popular. These types of names can still be powerful, exude a certain grace and beauty that modern names can't match.

Top 10 Biblical Names for Girls

Here's our list which is based on traditional spellings and frequency according to the Social Security Administration. We start at #10 and work our way to the #1 most popular biblical name for girls.

10. Naomi: Naomi is a surprising mainstay for biblical names. It has kept a respectable rank throughout time. Naomi translates to "pleasant," and we agree that it is!

9. Deborah: appears to be rarely used for today's youth. "Deborah" celebrated its peak in the 1950's. Why did this name make our list? Deborah was a real heroine in the Bible. Her name means "bee" in Hebrew, and she was as fast and furious as her namesake. We vote this one comes back for another race to the top!

8. Hannah: Exactly as Anna, the translation is, "God has favored me." Hannah has fewer variations but celebrates much more popularity as a first name. In the 90's this would have been the name of choice for a little girl.

7. Rebekah, more often spelled "Rebecca," means "to bind." She was wife to Isaac and was considered to be a remarkably modest and kind woman. Rebecca has never been recognized as overly-popular, but its feminine appeal has kept it among the favored biblical names.

6. Abigail: Meaning "Father’s Joy," is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Abigail was the third wife of King David and said to very beautiful. This name has rocketed in popularity in the last decade claiming its rightful position in the top 10.

5. Anna: This is another name with so many variations it is hard to track just HOW popular it truly is. Anna translates from Hebrew to, "God has favored me." He sure has favored the name! Anna may not shoot to the tip-top, but it has kept a steady place on the charts!

4. Rachel: The actual translation is “female sheep.” Surely a bit odd if read in literal context, however sheep were revered in biblical days, making this a noble name indeed. Twenty years ago this name was at top of the list. It has since declined but remains in the top 100.

3. Mary: Without question the most well-known lady to grace the sacred text. Mary, is known for being the virgin mother to Jesus, wife to Joseph, and a saint. As a first name, Mary's not as common as it used to be, but is widely popular as middle name. There are over 100 variations of this name across the globe.

2. Elisabeth: More commonly spelled "Elizabeth" is timeless in every way. This name means "God’s Promise," and has promised elegance and beauty to whoever is blessed with it. Elizabeth has rarely skipped from the Top 10 rank.

1. Sarah: The "princess." Sarah was the wife of Abraham and said to be as graceful as she was beautiful. A name fit for royalty and your sweet little girl! Though recent years has shown its decline in popularity, but its meaning alone proves it has staying power.

Just as quickly as women change fashion, the names change in popularity. There is no shortage of variation in spellings or spin-off’s for the feminine name choices. Keep it basic, or make it unique… either way these names will honor the strength of women.

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