Top 10 Books to Read with Your Baby

by Lodovica Trevisan

Top 10 Books to ReadReading out loud to babies from birth to two years of age increases vocabulary, language and literacy that leads to later school success.

But that's just the frosting on the cake.

Babies delight in reading together with adults. Whether it's Dr. Suess or other famous big name, the sparkle in your baby's eye is worth it!

Browse our top 10 list and see how many you already have in your library!

Top 10 Book Titles for Baby

1. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," by Eric Carle

A tiny caterpillar emerges from his egg -- and he's hungry! Curious fingers poke through the very food the caterpiller gnawed. Follow along as he eats his way through and book and turns into a beautiful butterfly

2. "Pat the Bunny," by Dorothy Kunhardt

This interactive classic remains on the top list because it's so interactive -- we love touching the bunny's fur, playing peekaboo, and more. For the Nerdy Baby, we recommend "Pat Schr&oum;dinger's Kitty," The seven colorfully illustrated activities will delight any infant who is interested in exploring theoretical physics.

3. "Goodnight Moon," by Margaret Wise Brown

A rabbit attempts to postpone bedtime by saying goodnight to every object in his sight in this classic children's book. Certainly none of our children would attempt such a feat!

4. "Carry Me," by Rena Grossman

Attractive photographs show parents and children from around the world while showcasing all the different ways that babies can be carried (and cuddled).

5. "Posy," written by Linda Newbery

A poetic, playful text and sweet, scratchy illustrations bring this mischievous kitten, along with her mom and siblings, gloriously to life.

6. "Moo, Baa, La La La," by Sandra Boynton

"A cow says MOO. A sheep says BAA. Three singing pigs say LA LA LA!" No, that's not right! We encourage your and your baby to enjoy this serious silliness for all ages.

7. "Ten Little Fingers," by Annie Kubler

Babies love to look at other babies. In this adorable book, you and your baby will get to smile, sing songs, and do fun actions together.

8. "Where Is Baby's Belly Button?" by by Karen Katz

"Where are Baby's hands? Under the bubbles! Where are baby's eyes? Under her hat!" Babies play peek-a-boo in this interactive book and your tot can join right in.

9. "Baby, Baby, Baby!" by Marilyn Janovitz

A loving family catalogs all the fun things their smiling baby can do -- from clapping and crawling to splashing in the tub and kissing good night.

10. "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," by Bill Martin

"A told B, and B told C, 'I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree.....'" This tropical alphabet rhyme is beloved by many!

Have we missed your favorite? Add it to the list.

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