Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Expectant Dad!

by Julie Snyder

expectant dadIt's almost time for Santa to make his way down the chimney and you're stumped about what to get the expectant dad on your list. We've done some shopping and came up with what we think are some pretty fun gifts for that daddy-to-be!

1. A groovy looking daddy diaper bag. From messenger style bags to backpack styles to bags that attach to strollers, Daddy diaper bags come in "manly" colors, including camouflage and have plenty of room for Daddy's own gear.

2. Books on fatherhood. There are several good ones -- we like - The Expectant Father, by Armin Brott and Jennifer Ash and The Joy of Fatherhood, by Marcus Jacob Goldman, M.D. but there are many more to explore. Find the one that suits your baby daddy!

3. A personal gift certificate to a place where dad can get something he can pick out himself and enjoy before the tiny tot arrives. These kinds of gifts are always popular and easy! Whether it's to find items to go play golf, hang with the guys, go fishing, or just hang around the house watching SportsCenter, you can't miss. While we're all for dad getting out and about, once baby comes, his golf outings could be replaced with baby duty. Just saying...

4. Congratulatory items. You can have frames, t-shirts or cards customized to say, "Daddy," "Daddy's little angel," or "Congrats, Daddy." Plenty of mall kiosks have t-shirts that say, "New Daddy." This kind of gift can go a long way. It's so customary that the attention goes to the new mom, that dad can often feel a bit "forgotten."

5. A new digital camera and photo printer for dad to take lots and lots of pictures of his new little one! Dad will be able to have a brag book right at his fingertips and print pictures for his desk as well! Can we say, scrapbooking fool-to-be?

6. A gift certificate for "someone" to take over some of the dad duties or chores at home for a few weeks. Does he normally mow the lawn? Hire a gardener for a couple of weeks. Does he do the grocery shopping? Have the grocery store deliver the groceries instead. You get the idea.

7. A rocker. Have dad pick out a rocking chair that he will enjoy when he is on night duty with baby. This is a great way to encourage daddy to help out, but also to make him feel that he is a very necessary part of the parenting process. Dads can often feel left-out.

8. Create a special piece of jewelry such as cufflinks with pictures of a sonogram or an engraved saying or your baby's vital statistics. He will wear these proudly and often!

9. Personalized items. These days, you can get just about anything personalized. Coffee cups, water bottles, and other items can have your baby's picture put right on it. Then, dad can take the treasures with him to work. He will beam with pride when someone asks him, "Oh, is this your baby?!"

10. A spa day. Yes, men like them, too, whether they admit it or not. They need to de-stress, too. Most spas have all sorts of choices for men. They can enjoy a sports massage, a foot massage or just get a good haircut. A gift certificate to a day spa will likely be a much appreciated gift!

What's your favorite item on your list? Share in the comments!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.