Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Expectant Mom!

By: Bethany McDaniels

What's on Your Gift List?

Gifts for the Expectant MomThe holidays are approaching quickly! Do you have an expectant mom on your gift list? We've done our research and come up with our top 10 gifts that are useful, unique, and will delight the mom-to-be in your life!

1. An iTunes gift card (or a gift card for apps on whatever smartphone she might have). She can use this to purchase music to use during labor, to play to her baby, for apps like our own pregnancy.org2go!™ (which is FREE by the way!), to apps that track
breastfeeding, best shopping deals ... you get the picture!

2. Personal coupons. These can be coupons for homemade meals, cleaning her house, babysitting, doing the grocery shopping, taking the older kids to and from school, or for sleep. Sleep? Yes, glorious sleep. Offer to sit with the baby while mom naps. This coupon is particular is worth its weight in gold.

3. A spa gift certificate. Spoil her with anything from a mani-pedi to a full day of luxury. What a treat for her to get pampered before she enters the world of getting peed and spit on, and not being able to remember the last time she took a shower (at least one where she got to shower *and* rinse).

4. Spring for a cleaning service. This is the kind of gift that would make a woman fake a pregnancy just to get it! Just saying.

5. Food delivery service. You can order from a variety of places like Bistro M.D or to arrange fresh, healthy meals delivered right to her door!

6. Pick out a special journal. Some moms-to-be want to record everything that is going on. If your expectant mom is one of these, this is a perfect gift! This will be a treasured keepsake for baby and her as the years go by.

7. Invest in a good baby monitor, preferably a video monitor. This is a lifesaver as it will allow mom to be able to leave the baby in the nursery for 5 minutes without hyperventilating. Really, they'll be okay.

8. A gift certificate to Babies"R"Us® or another similar store. This way, she can decide if she has enough onesies, burp cloths, booties and breast pads. We firmly believe you can never have too many. Besides, some are really cute!

9. A digital camera AND photo printer. Who's the hero now? Digital photos are great but it's nice to be able to print them right on the spot and put them in one of the myriad of cute picture frames they've undoubtedly received.

10. A postpartum doula. Yes, postpartum. A postpartum doula's primary focus is on mom so that she can focus on her brand new angel. The doula helps out around the house while mom gets to bond with her new baby. She'll help with breastfeeding education and other duties to help the family unit adjust to having a new baby in the house. The doula can stay from a few days to a few months.

What's your favorite item on your list? Share in the comments!

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