Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Expectant Moms

  • Eat something with nutritional value
  • Combine a high-fiber food (like whole grains or an apple) with a protein (like peanut butter, cheese or nuts) food
  • Avoid foods high in sugar or refined carbohydrates that can lead to a major energy crash
  • Stay away from high-fat foods that might be difficult to digest
  • Keep your nibbling snack-sized

You can find more ideas in our "On-the-Go Snack Ideas" article.

8. Eat a Little or a Lot

You've probably heard this tip so often that it's becoming a source of nausea. It's worth repeating. Eat small meals and snacks, consumed close together to keep your blood sugar levels normal and minimize morning sickness. Eating food before you hit the starvation point will help ease sickness as well.

9. Make Good Choices When Dining Out

Restaurants like you to love their food so much you come again. But what tends to make many restaurant dishes so yummy is that the dishes are loaded with fat, salt and sugar. Learning to decipher the menu leads to healthier choices. Food labeled with these descriptions are on the "good" list during pregnancy: Baked, broiled, grilled, lean, poached, roasted and steamed.

10. Remember Your Water Bottle

Fluid moves nutrients to your cells and waste away from them, keeps your body at the proper temperature and moves fiber through your digestive system. Cynthia Flynn, General Director of the Family Health and Birth Center in Washington, D.C. says moms-to-be need at least 100 ounces a fluid a day. Sources include water, your food, tea, coffee, sparkling water, juice and milk. A hydrated pregnant body is a happy pregnant body!

What's on your top ten list?

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