Top 10 Strategies for Getting Pregnant

8. Getting in shape (if not already). Reality and research shows that exercise elevates your mood and makes your body a tight and healthy engine. As an added bonus, exercise can put the spark back into your sex life. Grab those sneakers and hit a trail or take a walk with a buddy. A brisk walk or slow jog 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week really will make a noticeable difference. This is a great activity for couples!

9. Awkward Scenarios: Legend and members say that quite a few folks have become pregnant in the most absolute, bizarre or inconvenient moments. From vacations at the in-laws, standing on your head, to sneaking away and having fun at college graduations, we've heard lots of wacky and wonderful getting pregnant success stories. One of our members swears that having sex at your in-laws works every time.

10. The "R" Word! Nope, not that "R" word! Rather than hear, again, how relaxing will just "let it happen," why not react instead? Read and interact with the signs your body's sharing with you. React to the opportunities your partnership presents. It's more than okay to react to the spectrum of emotions involved with the baby making process. From frustration to elation, trying to get pregnant can be quite the journey! Don't let the goal of having a healthy pregnancy and baby get in the way of your relationship.

infographic showing odds of conceiving in a yearAll tips and tricks aside, 85% of couples succeed and get pregnant within their first year of trying. If you're finding yourself in the other 15%, don't beat yourselves up. There are lots of factors that can affect your fertility - some you might not even realize. When you're ready for the journey, your doctor can help find solutions that work for you.

What are some of your tips and strategies that worked for you? We'd love to know what they are! Tell us in the comments!

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