Top 10 Things to Do on Leap Day

by Sinit Aatifa

Leap Day Top 10 ActivitiesDoes the idea of a spare day in February make you and your family want to jump around and bounce off the walls? How about an old-fashioned game of leap frog?

Leap day gives us a bonus day to play, read or ponder our lives. An extra day...what to do...what to do!?

Let's face it, most of us will go to work like we usually do.

But think about it. If you had an extra day, what would you do with this opportunity?

Here's our list of what we thing would be fun, especially with the kids. We're playing into the word "leap" with our activities. We bet you can come up with a bunch too!

Why not "jump" into the mood, as this special day only comes around every four years.

1. Celebrate Frogs

Why? Because they leap. Besides their amazing leaping abilities, several species of frogs are facing extinction. Check out your local zoo or aquarium for Leap Day programs and exhibits.

2. Get "Jazzed" or "Jumpy"

Leap into love all over again with your partner and get cuddly (or whatever suits the mood) to romantic jazz or your favorite music if jazz isn't your thing.

3. Design a "Hoppy Leap Day" Card

Everyone loves a child's creative, one-of-a-kind endeavor! Harness that commodity and make a card with your child.

4. Find New Ways to "Go Green"

In less time that it takes to hop across the room, you can make your home healthier.

5. Make Frog Eye Salad

Look around the web for just the right recipe. It usually includes pineapple, coconut, marshmallows, mandarin oranges and Acine de Pepe, a small, round pasta resembling frog eyes. The kids will be "jumping all over" this dish!

6. Throw a Party for a "Leapling"

Even if you don't know a leapling (the affectionate name for those born on leap days), you can leap into the spirit of the day with a themed party. Ask guests to write where they would like to be in 4 years on a blank green card when Leap Day 2016 arrives. Save these cards and mail them to your friends at the beginning of 2016. See how close you all come to your goals!

7. Embrace Tradition and Propose to Your Guy

Ladies, put on your sexy garb, poet's hat, and take a lover's leap. Traditionally dating back to fifth century Ireland, women could legally propose marriage to men on Leap Day.

8. Croak Out...a Song

Using one of the websites that contain frog noise soundbites, listen to frogs croaking. Everyone choose their favorite "ribbet," give a down beat and croak out a familiar song like yours favorite frogs.

9. Play a Game

Froggy May I? Get a giggle from your little one when you play "Froggy May I?" The rules resemble those of "Mother May I," but all participants take froggy positions by placing their hands on the floor and having their legs bent at the knees, one leg on either side of the arms. "Froggy, may I leap three small hops?" You get the idea!

10. Leap Frog

What better day for a rough and tumble round of this classic game. End by collapsing into a ribbeting heap.

Whatever else you do this 29th of February, reserve a few minutes for yourself. Take one giant leap from your normal daily routine whether its a leap-of-faith, a leap-frogging session, or a leap of imagination.

What did you end up doing on Leap Day this year?

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