Top 10 Valentine's Day desserts

by Julie Snyder

Top 10 Valentine's Day DessertsAnother year, another Valentine's Day is here.

Cards and flowers show sentiment. A lovely dinner says we're special.

Candy always says that we're yummy.

But is that enough? What else could help us feel "loved" this year?

Perhaps turning to flour, chocolate or fruit gives us that final, "I love you."

These dessert ideas will help you on your quest to create the "perfect" Valentine's Day Dinner!

What are some of your favorites that aren't listed here? Share yours by posting a comment!

1. Chocolate covered strawberries

Easy to make, always elegant and always delicious, you can't go wrong with this classic romantic dessert. Just wash and dry your large, luscious berries (leave the stems on), melt dark chocolate, dip and allow to harden. You can add a twist by partially slicing each berry and stuffing with a tiny slice of cheesecake before you dip.

2. Cholcoate-Filled puffs

Like the best relationships, these puffs combine opposites -- light-as-air pastry with sinfully rich chocolate. Swing by your favorite bakery and pick up a pair.

3. Peanut butter kisses

A simple cookie, but such a taste bud treat! Serve just a tiny warm, for a slight chocolate mess. Then head off and enjoy cleaning it up and whatever else might follow.

4. Strawberry cheesecake minis

Cheese cake's great, but these minis can be dressed up with fluff and fruit. Will you eat your own or help your partner out?

5. Tiramisu parfaits

A mouthwatering finale to your Valentine's Day dinner, serve with a drizzle of chocolate, a sprinkle of mini chips or cocoa on the top. Then, as you sample yours, stare over the top into your lover's eyes.

6. Flour-less chocolate cake

Does your household avoid gluten. You can still enjoy a decadent chocolate cake. Go flourless but not cakeless.

7. Sour cherry sorbet

Cool, refreshing, puckering! Enjoy a dessert and a giggle together.

8. Chocolate bliss marble cake

Serve a heart-friendly cake. Substitute egg whites for eggs and add plenty of healthy chocolate.

9. Raspberry pie

A dessert especially for those that find strawberries repulsive. This simple dessert can be whipped up in jiffy. Just put half your berries in a pan, mash and add 1/4 cup sugar and two tablespoons four. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat, add the fresh berries and stir. Dump into a pre-baked pie shell, refrigerate for one hour. Load on the whipped cream and enjoy!

10. Sweetheart parfait

Would you like an old-fashioned layered dessert that looks pretty, and is fun to eat. Try our yummy, healthy sweetheart parfait.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.