Top 10 Ways to Channel Your Second Trimester Energy

by Staff mid-pregnancy energyAre you noticing something different these days? Not only does breakfast stay down, but your get-up-and-go actually gets out of bed! You have energy in the bank. Here's our top 10 ways you can spend that energy!

The Best of the Bunch - Top 10

10. Create your baby registry! This is the perfect to time run around the store zapping everything you need. Of course "need" is relative. We expect you've included a few special items just for fun.

9. Take a "babymoon". This is an adult-only getaway with you and your partner. Perfect before your libido plummets and your belly is in the way.

8. Enroll in a maternity exercise course, like Yoga. Those stretches and strengthening exercises combat pregnancy pains and build muscle to help with birthing baby.

7. Play with your older child(ren). Enjoy these precious months before your tot earns the big brother or sister label.

6. Organize your photos! Put into albums or organize digitally and set up folders (albums) for baby's arrival.

5. Organize your shower. Unless you are being surprised, talk "shower" with your hostess. Help order the cake and help with the guest list.

4. Pamper your pets. Prepare your pet for baby's arrival.'s Family Pet Expert explains how you can.

3. Get cooking! Practice some new dishes, or any baked goods you have been craving. Freeze a few for later on -- you'll be happy you did!

2. Finish that nursery before you get too big to wield a paint brush or assemble furniture. Keep in mind that paint fumes are not your friend.

The #1 suggestion on our list...drumroll please...:


1. Making YOU time. Read books, sip on tea, watch sappy movies, take warm baths! Pamper yourself. Do everything to make YOU feel great!

Energy? Really?

Out of the first trimester, but your energy burst isn't kicking in yet? Most pregnant bodies adjust to the physical, emotional, and hormonal demands of pregnancy by the fourth month which happens to be a month into the second trimester. Your energy might be right around the corner. It could be the coveted energy isn't in the cards this pregnancy. Check our list of rejuvenating tips:

  • Get enough nourishment and eat often.
  • Go light on foods that send your glucose levels through the roof and then to the basement, like candy and soda.
  • Get enough sleep, but not too much. Too much sleep can actually tire you out.
  • Exercise. The activity you've been avoiding because you're too tired is really energizing.
  • Still tired? Anemia might be the culprit. Ask your midwife or doctor to check your iron level.

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