Top ten baby names in 2011

by Julie Snyder

group of babiesDid you hear that cheer from coast to coast? The Social Security Administration released its 2010 list of most popular names and Dalton, Jordan and Kendall didn't make the "A" list!

Your first major accomplishment on the naming front was getting past the "destined to never, ever agree on a name" hurdle. Against all odds, you made it to the finish line. You've chosen a name that not only fits your child, but is meaningful as well. While many parents choose from the familiar bucket of names, we've noticed a growing number are gravitating toward more "unique" names. Depending on your preferences, this release could make (or break) your day!

Most popular baby names in 2011

The most popular name for boys has held the top spot since 2000. This strong, all-around dependable name has been used biblically, as a "traditional" name, and sought after as the most popular character name in the movie Twilight. Even the nickname is playful and reliable.

In the name game for girls, the winner is Italian in origin, means "God's oath," and has a huge cross-cultural appeal. Historically this name has represented queens, been popularized by Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Emily Brontë. It's even been the name of large, dark asteroid discovered in 1869. Like the boy's name counterpart, this name's also been used in the movie Twilight.

Without further ado, here's the top names:

  Girls    Boys   
#1    Isabella    Jacob   
#2    Sophia    Ethan   
#3    Emma    Michael   
#4    Olivia    Jayden   
#5    Ava    William   
#6    Emily    Alexander   
#7    Abigail    Noah   
#8    Madison    Daniel   
#9    Chloe    Aiden   
#10    Mia    Anthony   

See the top 100 for 2010.

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