Top Ten Gifts for Moms

by Carles Cavazos Brito

Top 10 Gifts for MomsMother's day is the time of year when we appreciate the woman who has birthed us, taken care of us, made sure we didn't get into too much trouble and when we did, fixed the problem.

What do you get mom, who will admittedly say she has everything? Giving just a card won't do (even though she'll love the gesture).

Whether it's your own mom, a special mom you know, or even a list your family can use when going shopping, here's our list of the top requests from our moms.

Top Gift Requests From Moms

1. Purchase a Service as a Present

Instead of an item, give mom an evening of babysitting as a gift. I know that as a parent of a toddler and an infant, I love getting a babysitting gift, probably more than any "stuff" I might receive. House cleaning, a catered meal, anything that lets me get off my feet and into relaxation!

2. An E-reader - Think Kindle or Nook

Relatively inexpensive to purchase these days, this gift keeps giving. With thousands of books available and more being added every day, mom can enjoy reading for a long time to come. Plus, many of the services offer gift certificates to purchase the books -- bonus!

3. Handmade Cards and Crafts

Not that a store bought gift can't express your love and appreciation, but nothing brings a mom to tears faster than a handmade gift from her family. Macaroni necklaces and glitter-coated paper go miles farther than any Hallmark sentiment can! You'll come to find out that these trinkets are safely tucked away in mom's special treasury.

4. Spa Day

Don't roll your eyes! Really...moms want this gift over and over. What mom wouldn't want to be pampered? Moms wouldn't mind the "works" either -- hint, hint. The "works" usually means a massage, mani/pedi, hair and facial! Too pricy? Pick one! Drop us off in the morning and pick us up in the evening.

5. Auto Detailing

This might seem like more of a man's gift, but a mom lives in her car. Between schools, sports, work and the grocery stores, she spends more time in that seat than in her bed. Pay to have the vehicle cleaned inside and out, remove the gummy bears and maybe throw in some new seat covers. She'll be thrilled! This present doesn't equate to getting a blender or vacuum.

6. Nothing

Giving the gift of "nothing" is a gift indeed. Now, we don't mean you give her absolutely zilch. We're talking about mom not having to do anything. Besides, this gives dad the opportunity to bond. Make the coffee, serve the meals, do the dishes, tend the kids and mind the house. Let mom sit on her tush, take a walk, talk on the phone, play on the web or whatever her heart desires. Just make sure she doesn't lift one finger she doesn't have to!

7. Chocolate

You'd be hard pressed to find a woman who didn't love the cocoa creations. Step up the gift a notch and take her to a chocolate factory or a quaint little candy shop and let her pick her own treats out. Chocolate is always a big winner. Is mom not allowed to have chocolate? Treat her to an edible fruit bouquet instead!

8. A Night on the Town

Moms can feel a bit stuck in a rut sometimes. Nothing cures that blah feeling faster than a night out consisting of dinner, dancing and maybe a little nip or two! Offer to take her out or set up a girls' night out for her! If you have an extra dough to spend, find her a nice new dress and heels, too. Help make mom feel like the beautiful woman she is!

9. Jewelry

Jewelry is more than bling; it's a sentiment. A necklace with her babies' birth stones, or one of the every popular charm bracelets with tiny trinkets! Every girl loves something shiny! This is also an opportunity to give something to her that's just for her and not baby-related.

10. A Thank You

What does every Mom really want the most? An honest and heartfelt thank you! Really, the form doesn't matter so long as it comes from the heart.

What's on your top 10 list? Happy Mother's Day from our family to yours!