Top Ten Green Gifts for Father's Day

by Platt Devost

Top Ten Green Gifts for DadFather's Day brings up images of breakfast in bed, homemade cards and crafts, and possibly a little indulgence on dad's part.

This year consider going "green" with a gift that reflects the lifestyle of the special men on your list.

Does he love gadgets?

Does dad believe coffee should be fed intravenously?

Is dad thrifty and like to re-use items no matter how big or small?

You're in luck! Pick and choose from the top ten list below to get dad that special gift that also makes a statement.

Green Gifts for Dad

1. Green Gadget Charger

Here's a charger that runs on solar or hand-crank power. Since it doesn't have to be plugged into the grid dad can bring his gadgets...and himself anywhere. Look out!

2. For the Coffee-Loving Dad

Treat him with a "caffeine-emergency" basket. Toss in some organic coffee beans, a re-useable mug, or a ceramic travel mug. Sometimes you can find a "coffee of the month" club which makes the gift keep on giving!

3. Bamboo Anything

Bamboo is the latest trend. You can give dad bamboo knives or a grilling set. Even clothing is made from bamboo these days! Pretty much anything made from bamboo is strong and sustainable.

4. Recycle, Upcycle and Re-use!

Look around your home and find the perfect supplies to create a gift that says, "I cared enough" to make this for you! If the dad in your life loves to create masterpieces from stuff around the house, he'll definitely appreciate this effort!

5. Gift of Your Time

Whether the family takes a hike in nature, picnics at a local park or cooks out under the trees in your own backyard, dad will love the gesture of spending special time together. Get creative and make a handmade coupon to make it official.

6. Energy Saving Socket

Some guy's eyes light up at man toys; others practically swoon over gadgets. If that describes your man, get him a socket set on a timer that it automatically shuts off appliances and electronics. Ramp that gift up with an outlet able to measure power usage and communicate with software on your home computer and shut off unused electronics.

7. Create a Personal Screen Saver or Tablet Cover

Gifts from the heart always top the list. Head right on over to your drawing program. Combine drawings, pictures and text for a one-of-a-kind dad's day screen saver. Another options is to sew up/knit up/glue up a custom-made phone or tablet cover. You can guarantee that will be unique!

8. Repurposed Wallet

If you don't want to move away from "ties and wallets" this year, go ahead and gift him one, with a's made of recycled materials. Lots of companies are creating all kinds of items made from recycled rubber, paper, leather and other materials.

9. The Ultimate Man Toy

The hybrid, robotic lawn mower...could any gift do more. A wire outlines the area due for a trim. The hybrid engine utilizes solar power. And it has buttons!

10. Hammock

Encourage recycling by picking out a hammock made from recycled pop bottles. Heading for the lake? How about a boat that floats because you stuffed all those two-liter bottles into its little pockets? Awesome and eco-friendly!

Happy Father's Day to every amazing dad out there! What's your favorite "green" item?