The Top Ten Things to Do in Your First Pregnancy

By Tara M. Bloom

great newsCongratulations, mom-to-be! You've just found out you're pregnant. That small line on the pregnancy test means big adjustments in your life. Ready or not, everything is about to change -- for the better, of course.

If you're experiencing pregnancy for the first time, you might be yo-yo-ing between moments of heart-bursting excitement and heart-pounding panic. Now that you know for sure that you're pregnant, you might be asking yourself, what do I do next?

Take a deep breath and focus on first things first.

1. Celebrate

This is a big adventure. Whether you planned it or not (and it's nobody's business if you didn't), life as you know it is now over. And this is a good thing, so celebrate! Share the good news with your partner and discuss together how and when to tell friends and family. Before making the news public, honor this life-changing moment together and celebrate your joy as a couple.

2. Find the Right Person to Care for You

If you don't have a health care provider, start interviewing. Perhaps you've been trying to conceive, so you've been working with a health care professional already. Maybe you’ve been going to a clinic or a nurse practitioner all these years for your annual reproductive health checks and you never thought further than that. Do you prefer to navigate your pregnancy and birth more on your own, with an OB/GYN, or with a more engaged health care provider such as a midwife? Give it some thought, read a little, and start making some calls. You'll want to make your first appointment -- but with whom?

3. Read

Speaking of your first appointment, it won't be scheduled until six weeks after your last menstrual period. Until then, you may be bursting with questions. Go ahead and start to read about pregnancy, but let's not panic about all the things you start to find out to avoid that you didn't know to avoid and hadn't been avoiding, okay? Like millions of other moms, I first picked up "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and it didn't fail me. Later, when I found my midwife, her practice gave me a copy of "Pregnancy and the Newborn." Both books are still tried-and-true resources for new mothers.

4. Daydream

What will baby be like? What do you want for your child? What kinds of things can you picture doing with your child? Allow yourself to fantasize about your baby, without getting attached to any particular features or dreams. This is fun to do as a couple, wondering out loud if baby will have your eyes or his nose.

5. Break Bad Habits

We all have bad habits, and some of them -- like drinking excessive caffeine or alcohol -- are going to have to be broken to improve your odds for a healthy baby. Kicking other kinds of bad habits, such as swearing or watching too much TV, may help you enjoy your pregnancy more and feel more aligned toward becoming a parent.

6. Launch Good Habits

Transitioning into parenthood is a great time to reflect on the example you want to set for your child. Many new moms find themselves inspired during pregnancy to once again expect the best of themselves. Maybe now that you're cutting back on TV, you can develop a lost hobby, or to put more effort into friendships again. If you've wanted to get better about spending more time outside, committing to a regular exercise program, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, pregnancy is a great motivator to stick with new habits.

7. Journal

This will be a transformative journey for you, I assure you. No woman travels into motherhood unchanged. After baby arrives, and your life is different and you're different, you'll likely have mixed emotions about losing the person you used to be. Journaling through pregnancy helps you keep track of you -- a good habit to start, in my opinion!

8. Take Out the Toxins

Make the switch to hormone-free meats and milk, and organic produce. Put the kibosh on cosmetics, clothes and bedding that contain formaldehyde, triclosan, bleach, salicylic acid, phthalates and parabens. Start reading labels on your personal care products and make the switch to skin care and cosmetics that are pregnancy-safe.

9. Sleep

Early pregnancy is a bone-tired time. For some women, fatigue lasts throughout pregnancy. Get your rest. It's okay to take it easy, lie down and even nap. Set the expectation for yourself -- and your family -- that you’re going to take care of yourself and your needs while you're pregnant.

10. Supplement

Folic acid in the first trimester is essential, but so are many types of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, including Omega-3 DHA. Early pregnancy is a time when many women have trouble keeping down prenatal vitamins, however, because of morning sickness. There are lots of great choices available for prenatal vitamins that are easy on the stomach, including chewable prenatal vitamins, prenatal vitamin drinks and prenatal supplemental snack foods.

Tara M. Bloom has a passionate desire for women to have safe, healthy, confident experiences of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. She’s the founder and CEO of Maternitique, a resource for women seeking naturally safe and beautiful maternity products through their childbearing years. Read more of Tara's maternity guides on her blog, Materni-Talk.

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