Top Ten Tips for a Great Mother's Day

by Carles Cavazos Brito

Mother's Day TipsYou've got plenty of gift ideas, but once those presents have been opened what can you do to make the day enjoyable for mom?

If the mom happens to be your own, and you sent the yearly flowers, perhaps it's time to step it up a notch.

If you've already done the "Best Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed" for your loving partner, we applaud you! We're positive mom loved what you and the kid's prepared! Did she cry? Was she surprised?

Here are some more inventive and creative ideas to make this Mother's Day memorable for your special and precious mom!

Motivate to have a Memorable Mom's Day!

1. Spend Time Together, Not Money

See if the local markets and businesses will be open and giving away seeds or other gifts for moms. Enjoy a stroll and a chat. All of it's free. Time together is always priceless, however.

2. Act Like a Tourist

Act like a tourist in your own town. What would you do if you were there for the first time visiting? Check with the local chamber of commerce to see what they recommend and if they have coupons for mom. Then put together an itinerary and take mom out on the town!

3. Wine Tasting and Music

Looking for something a little edgier? Check your area for live music and a wine tasting or festival. You might even send mom home with a bottle of her favorite treat.

4. Mom's Queen for a Day

Hey Dad! Have you and the kids get up early and dress in your best clothes (be creative). Let mom know that you'll be her butler or maid for the morning. Follow her wishes. Keep a straight face and make her feel as if she's the queen of your universe. She should be anyway (wink).

5. Cook a Meal...Together

Instead of cooking for mom, plan a day of cooking an amazing meal with her if that's something she enjoys. Plan a menu of her favorites, buy and bring home all the groceries, and clean up afterward so mom's free to enjoy your company and relax in the kitchen.

6. Spend a Day at the Spa

What's the best thing about a spa day? When you go with her, you get one yourself! We all enjoy being pampered, but even more on a special day. Whether you plan a complete makeover with a facial and a massage or just a manicure and pedicure, mom will feel like royalty for the day. You won't suffer much either!

7. Have a Picnic

Whether you head to the park, or your own living room, pack up your favorite home-made or grocery store deli picnic foods, a blanket, some fruit, cheese, and crackers, and a comfy blanket. Bring along her favorite book and music, and you're set for a day to unwind and be away from the hustle and bustle and crowds. Get friends or family to watch the kids!

8. Head Out into Nature

Does your loving partner or own mom love the outdoors? Head out into the wilderness for a day of hiking or a weekend of camping. Bring along water, food, mosquito repellent, the camera and your sense of adventure!

9. How About a Concert?

What's mom's favorite type of music? See if you can get concert tickets and head out to enjoy the show. As an alternative, the kids can plan a songfest with special acting to go along with the festivity. Dad, go ahead and make a program, include intermission with refreshments!

10. Be a Kid for the Day

Give mom a bucket of water balloons and invite her to a water balloon fight! Don't forget to bring towels and a scuba mask. Is this suggestion not silly enough? How about a twister stand-off?

Seize the day, build memories and enjoy the time together. Happy Mother's Day!