Transition to Parenthood, 21 - 24 Weeks

In the second trimester, your now-visible pregnancy helps confirm the reality of a baby on the way and also gives rise to specific concerns that will affect you, your partner, and other members of your family. Make a special effort to take the time to discuss these issues.

Adapting to a New Role

The birth of a child is a critical time in family development. Pregnancy is not only a major transition in the life of the woman, but a transition to those close to her as well. New life experiences involve:

  • Grieving the loss of old ways
  • Feeling frustration with changes
  • Fearing the unknown
  • Working to develop a new identity as a parent
  • Assuming new or additional responsibilities
  • Modifying routines
  • Learning new skills
  • Evaluating relationships

Because the transition to parenthood can be stressful, pregnancy poses a major challenge to a family's problem solving abilities. During pregnancy each family member needs to prepare for his/her new role. For mother, father, big brother, or sister, aunt or uncle, and even grandparents; this new baby will give each one of them new roles and responsibilities. Each member of the family views and responds to the pregnancy in a unique way. One person may be overjoyed, while another worries about changes to come.

Family members can be a great source of support both during and after your pregnancy. Don't hesitate to ask your family for support, family members often welcome the opportunity to help.

Reprinted from Her HealthCare.