Travel during pregnancy: Your trimester by trimester travel guide

Check airline policies. Most airlines restrict travel for pregnant women after 36 weeks. You could need to get a note from your doctor or midwife with your due date verifying that you're fit for travel.
Make time to eat. Sit down and get a snack while you're waiting at the airport or train station.
Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to preterm labor. Your water bottle should be your best friend. Don't be shy about asking the flight attendant for plenty of water.
See if you can get a front row seat on the plane. Typically, there's better air circulation, it's easier to get to your seat and has better access to the bathroom.
Stretch often. If on the train or plane, take occasional walks up and down the aisle if possible. While seated, flex and extend your ankles.

Add these tips to the first and second trimester's pre-trip check list:

  1. Pile on the layers of clothes. Others in the car or plane don't share your metabolism. Layers allow you to personalize your environment.
  2. Bring your favorite pillow/s.
  3. Schedule frequent rest breaks. Your legs appreciate frequent stretches and your bladder will thank you.

Tip: Bring along two pairs of shoes. After a day of sitting or walking your feet can swell as much as a size larger.

Do you have a pregnancy travel trip? Share it in comments.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.