Treatment of ICP (Intrahepatic Cholestasis)

Low Stress Levels
Many women have noticed that high stress situations increase their itching. It helps to maintain as low of a stress level as possible.

Eliminate External Irritants
Although ICP itching is caused by internal irritants, it certainly doesn't help to have dry, irritated skin. The following is a list of suggestions to reduce external irritants to the skin: Keep skin moisturized, keep legs shaved and smooth, keep environment moist with a humidifier, wear cool & loose cotton clothing, keep temperatures low to keep blood flow slower, use ice-packs and cool baths for comfort, reduce bedding and linens at night, and use soft cotton slip covers on furniture when sitting.

Sarna Lotion
Sarna lotion is a menthol lotion that many women find soothing. It does not reduce bile acids and is not a treatment, but rather a topical help for the itching. Many women find that rubbing Sarna and then sitting in front of a fan helps to cool and soothe the affected areas.


No Later Than 37 Weeks
ICP Specialists recommend that women with ICP, excluding diabetic mothers, be delivered at 36 weeks, no later than 37 weeks to prevent the risks that are associated with ICP. This protocol is recommended in controlled and mild cases alike. Bile acids can triple in value in a matter of 24 hours, and because there is no way to evaluate the bile acid level in the unborn baby, it is suggested to deliver early.

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