Trending Halloween costumes for pregnant gals

by Julie Snyder

2012 Halloween costumes for pregnant moms

Halloween CostumesBeing pregnant certainly doesn't mean you have to sit out this Halloween season. In fact, you may find you're inspired with even more options for the perfect costume!

That growing bump is something -- or rather someone -- to be proud of!

As you plan what you'll wear to your gathering, check out the trending costumes for 2012 within the maternity set!


Start with a white base such as a t-shirt and white leggings or an all white jogging suit for outdoor wear. Next, wrap or glue on strips of material, overlapping each slightly. Leave some hanging. You can pin or stitch from underneath if you anticipate being active. On the back use black felt letters to spell out "Mummy-to-Be."

Tip: Definitely do the top and pants separately. Don't run together as that will limit your ability for those frequent potty breaks!

Pregnant skeleton mommy and baby

Make no bones about it, this costume is tops for those at all stages of pregnancy! Women wishing to announce a new pregnancy will find this leaves little to question!

Begin with a black "base" -- shirt and pants. You can use either felt cut-outs hot glued on for the bones, hand paint using fabric paints, or make a template laid over your shirt and pants and then use spray paint. Use simple designs instead of intricate to have it stand out. Position the "baby skeleton" over your bump.


This idea may leave some of your friends scratching their heads, but once they catch on with that "aha" moment, you're likely to have a hit! This one is super work-friendly as well!

You can dress all in gray, adding big ears, a small curled tail, and a long snout optional! Next, pin, glue, or sew on an actual peanut or one that you have made out of material, felt, or poster board. Place over your lower belly. See how long it takes for people to figure out your news!

Staples "Easy" button

This play on words given you are expecting, will catch some laughs and truly simple enough to pull off at the last minute!

Wear a red shirt. Fashion a Staples "Easy" button out of a jar lid or poster. Place it on your belly! That's it!

Bustin' Out!

This costume is a variation of the "alien / predator" combo. Pick up a small cheap small doll from the thrift or dollar store. With an old, stretchy shirt or t-shirt, cut very small slits only large enough for the "baby's" arms and legs to fit through. The angle you want your "baby" to be is up to you!

Unlike other versions, this one keeps the doll intact! Using a hot glue gun, place the doll on a stiff cardboard to fit the body. This will help keep the doll in place. The arms and legs will appear to be "free", while the baby's "head" will show pressing to get out through the shirt covering -- almost like in real life although perhaps a wee bit exaggerated!

Tip: Dark colors are preferable to avoid see-through.


When else in your life will you have a built-in -- or is that on -- pumpkin? For those comfortable enough to bare the bump, use face paints to design the most perfect pumpkin ever!

We loved one particular version that had the woman wearing overalls with a hole for the "bump" and a farmer's shirt and hat. The painted "pumpkin" belly poked out and honestly appears as if the "farmer" is merely carrying her "harvest"! Too cute!

Another alternative –- cut out basic pumpkin face shapes (eyes, nose, and mouth) from black felt. Glue or pin on an orange t-shirt or sweater. This one has the advantage of "work approved."

Still looking for more ideas? We have an abundance! Visit our Belly "Boo" Costumes to discover even more suggestions! You'll find ways to include your bump, more for "mommy and me," preggo couples, some perfect for that 1st trimester, a few that are "naughty," and even alternatives for those still trying to conceive!

What will you go as this Halloween? Have you seen one that you can't wait to try? Do share in our comments! Don't forget to come back and post your pics!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.