Trying to Conceive Terms and Acronyms

Starting the "trying to conceive" journey is a lot like traveling in a foreign land -- complete with a new language! Were you wondering if the author was really writing in English the last article you read? To help with translation, we've put together an annotated acronym list.

2WW - CB | CD - EC | ED - Fo | FR - IC | IS - Mi | MS - Pr | PV - TR | TS - US

2ww -- Two Week Wait or the Luteal Phase The time between ovulation and (hopefully) a positive pregnancy test is about 2 weeks.

AF – Aunt Flo/period/Menses/Menstruation/Menstrual Cycle Menstruation, your period.

BBT -- Basal Body Temperature Recording and charting your temperature and other signs such as cervical fluid and cervical position. Data can be recorded on graph paper, online, or both. Try our BBT Charting Tool. BBT won't help you pinpoint when to have sex this month, but will be useful to learn your cycle and fertility signs. You will be able to confirm ovulation. Read more.

BCP, BCPS – Birth Control Pill/s Unexpectedly pregnant? Will it be harmful to the baby if you have continued taking birth control pill? Don't be too concerned. This is a common occurrence. Many studies have indicated that the hormones in birth control pills are not harmful to your baby. Stop once you know you're pregnant and if you're worried, discuss concerns with your provider.

BD – Baby Dance A term for sex. The best time for most women is 10-14 days before her next period is due (if you cycles are unusual, a couple days before to a day after ovulation).

BFN – Big Fat Negative A "not pregnant" on a digital test or no double line on a regular test.

BFP - Big Fat Positive! Congratulations! Have a happy and healthy nine months!

BT – Blood Test A pregnancy blood test is a test that measures the exact amount of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), in the bloodstream of a woman to detect pregnancy. It's more accurate than a urine test.

CBEFM -- Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor CBEFM is a personal home computer that monitors the two key fertility hormones, Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Estrogen (E3G), to prospectively identify six fertile days

CD -- Cycle Day Cycle day 1 is the first day of your period. A "textbook" cycle shows ovulation on day 14, beginning of next period on day 28. Most women's cycles deviate a bit.

CF -- Cervical Fluid (also called cervical mucus) Cervical fluid is an important indicator of fertility. It changes from dry, thick, sticky at the end of menstruation to being wet and slippery like egg whites as ovulation approaches.