Twins: Double the Trouble!

  • cramps, contractions, and menstrual pains
  • increasing pelvic or vaginal pressure
  • increasing low back pain
  • heavy vaginal discharge
  • vaginal spotting or bleeding
  • rectal pressure

If you experience any of these signs you should contact your doctor. Better safe than sorry.

Double the Delivery

The likelihood of a vaginal delivery with your twins is about 50%. In order for your doctor to consider a vaginal delivery both babies need to be head down, both should weigh more than 4-5 pounds, and be more than 35-36 weeks gestation. They should be similar in size with no evidence of growth problems. No other pregnancy complications should be present such as high blood pressure or low placenta.

Twin deliveries usually occur in an operating room with personnel standing by prepared at any moment for an emergency cesarean section. Twins born from cesarean section are usually both about 1 minute apart. Many consider cesarean section to be a better option for twin births since if complication arrives they are better prepared. This is however something you should talk about with your doctor.

I experienced toxemia, often referred to as preeclampsia, which led to an emergency cesarean section. I was scared out of my mind when all they wheeled me down to the operating room at 34 weeks. Five minutes after the epidural, my baby boys were born.

Everyone's experience is different. Just be sure to find a doctor you trust and who will keep you as informed as possible.

Double the Questions

Get prepared now. Everyone is going to want to know are they?

Fraternal Twins: Fraternal twins occur when a women ovulates more than one egg a month. Two babies are born of the same pregnancy that was fertilized by two separate eggs and two separate sperm. Fraternal twins may be of the same or opposite sex and will differ genetically as well as in appearance. Fraternal twins resemble each other the same as any other sibling. Two-thirds of twins are fraternal.

Identical Twins: Identical twins medically occur when an ovum splits during early embryonic development, resulting in two offspring of the same pregnancy. Identical twins are always of the same sex, have the same genetic makeup, possess identical blood groups and will resemble each other physically. Only one-third of all twins are identical.

Do twins run in your families?
When having twins, parents often find themselves subject to questions regarding genetics and the birth of their twins. Fraternal twins run in families since releasing more than one egg during ovulation is a trait that tends to run in families. Identical twins come from the same egg. There is no concrete link between a genetic inheritance and identical twins.

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Great article! We are having twins (30 weeks pregnant) - fraternal, boy and girl. Nobody in our families had twins - we checked 7 generations before!

I had to laugh when I was reading your article, it was like it mentions everything that is happening to my body as well - except, of course (for now anyways) the delivery :)