Unique Holidays to Celebrate with Your Kids

by Jennifer Kirkpatrick

Easter is only a few weeks away, but there are lots of fun days to celebrate between now and then. Can't think of any? Here are five of our favorite holidays you and your kids are sure to love.

National Bubble Gum Week

blowing a big bubbleThe second week of March is Bubble Gum Week. Seriously. Now there's a "holiday" with potential!

Make your own gum. Start the week by picking a day to have your kids create their own bubble gum. There are lots of recipes online to get them started. Encourage them to experiment with different flavors to see if they can create something new.

When the gum is ready, have a bubble blowing contest. Take lots of photos and create a contest memory page for your family scrap book or to display on the fridge. This is a great excuse to get silly with the kids!

Celebrate Your Name Week

making a name signWhat does your name mean? The second week is also the official week to celebrate your name. This can be the jumping off point for some great research projects as your kids try to find the meanings of each family member's name.

Make it into art. Add an art project by having them make up fun signs with the meanings and related drawings to hang around the house. Afterward, these name signs make fun wall art for the children's bedrooms. Don't forget to research your last name as well -- a great way for children to learn more about their family's heritage.

Act Happy Week

What makes your happy? The third week in March is Act Happy Week. This is a great week for you and your kids to learn more about what makes everyone in the family happy (including mom and dad).

Make it happen! Have each family member make a list of what makes them happy and make it a goal to do several things from each person's list this week. Make it even more fun by doing lists for the family pets as well! You might be surprised by the things your kids put on their lists and realize how easy it could be to do more of those things on a regular basis.

American Chocolate Week

The third and fourth weeks of March are American Chocolate Weeks. Mmmmmm! Think of the possibilities!

chocolate messHow about a decadent chocolate fondue? Dip healthy fruits like strawberries, bananas, pineapple and mango, or treats like mini-marshmallows and pound cake. What kid doesn't love to dip?

Paint your chocolates. A fun, edible craft is to get the molds and supplies needed to paint your own chocolates using - what else? - colored chocolate! You can also get your kids into the kitchen to build some cooking skills while trying out a new recipe that includes chocolate. Use some together time to find a recipe while researching how chocolate is made and why it's such a popular treat.

National Craft Month / National Youth Art Month

Search for ideas online. March is also National Craft Month and National Youth Art Month, the perfect time to search for new crafts to do with your kids. Look online or buy a new craft book; kids love choosing what crafts they want to do when they see the pictures.

Trade craft kits. For even more ideas, get together with friends in an exchange of craft kits. Just put together an instruction sheet, example and all the supplies in a bag, and hand them out to your friends in exchange for their ideas. Your kids will be happily crafting long after March is gone!

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