Valerie and Josef's Hypnobirth Story

When my son was born, he was placed immediately into my hands and I brought him up to my chest. It is a moment I will never forget! His bright little eyes were sparkling and he took to my breast within just minutes of his birth. He was alert and very much engaged in the world. And from the moment of his birth, I felt absolutely nothing but pure joy. All the frustration of the pushing phase vanished and I was giggling. And there was no pain in my body. I had a minor tear that was quickly and painlessly repaired, and from that moment, I did not need anything for pain because I did not feel any pain. It's true. You can give birth without so much as an aspirin. I did it thanks to the loving support of a trained doula and midwife, a supportive and engaged partner, and the mental tools (that came from Hypnobabies practice) to have the birthing I had always hoped for. The biggest gift I feel that I gave to myself and my son in this process was being fully present, in both mind and body, for the incredible experience of his birthing. It is my hope that all women can take back their own innate strength to empower themselves through their birthings, and this is the way to do it!

Valerie and Josef

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