Welcoming a Spring Baby

by Caitlyn Stace

Welcome a Spring BabyWe know when spring is here because tiny blades of green emerge, all the bugs get busy and baby animals dot the scenery.

This is a magical season of rebirth and renewal, growth, new beginnings and discovery.

There are couples who plan for spring babies because they feel that there are certain advantages to having a baby in the spring. While we like winter too, it certainly has its disadvantages. Other families might discover that they're adding a new "spring" chick to their nest and happily chirp the good news.

Either way, babies are welcome any time of year.

Five Wonderful Things About a Spring Time Baby

1. You won't be pregnant during the stifling summer months! When you have a baby generating heat, you feel hot all the time. It's so much more appealing not be sweating for two during July and August.

2. Just when you're feeling up to be out and about, the world bursts into bloom all around you. You can go for walks, garden with the baby snuggled in a sling or head to a cook out. By the time winter rolls around, your tiny newborn's become a substantial, healthy babe who can wear cute little suits with bear ears, sit and flail arms in the snow and smile.

3. You don't have to bundle up against the cold. This certainly makes dressing your baby easier. The warmer weather allows your baby easier access for nursing. You can wear a nursing tank top instead of a nursing tank top buried under five pounds of other heavy winter clothing.

4. Flu season varies by location but generally runs from late fall to early spring. With the warmer weather, your baby's risk of developing RSV and other colds diminishes. It's a relief to know your tiny baby's missed the worst time for getting sick.

5. If you have older kids, they can stay busy outside. That equals less stress, drama and cleaning for you and baby. Speaking of outside -- outdoor lighting rules! Take advantage and get some great photos of your spring babe.

Spring Inspired Baby Names

One of the first gifts to your child can be giving her a name that reminds you of spring and sunshine. From the more common season references like Spring, Robin and April to those that require a bit more research, like Yasmine, you can find just the right spring name to match your new baby.

Do you have a favorite "spring" name on your list? Here are some nifty ones to think about.

  • Cerelia is Latin for spring.
  • Beryl, derived from Greek, means spring child or sunny child.
  • Jarek is spring in Slavic. Other names that refer to the season are Haruki, Alvern, Kell and Dennis .
  • Navin means new in Hindi.
  • Marcus, means dedicated to Mars. The month March is named for Mars, a Roman god.
  • Chloe embodies all that spring mean. In French, chloe is a young, green sprout.
  • Patrick is Latin for noble and associated with March 17.
  • Lief brings to mind a young tree bursting with buds. Scandinavian in origin, it means "heir" or "loved."
  • Phoebe is a bird that those in the north welcome early each spring.

Having a Spring Baby Shower

Oh, the baby shower ideas suggested by spring colors and themes!

  • Garden tea party
  • Saint Patrick's Day
  • April showers
  • Dragon flies and butterflies
  • Spring training and everything baseball
  • Ducklings in a row

Spring Babies Love Sunshine

Spring babies are addicted to sunshine! Even before they're born they need the warm golden rays and vitamin D.

Research suggests that babies who incubate during the winter months have a higher risk of some conditions.

So while that wee one's baking, brave the winter weather and get out once in a while. Just a little sun will do your spring baby a world of good.

Do you have a spring baby or one on the way? What fun activities are you hatching?

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